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Grégory Jannin

G&H Automation is an international HubSpot Partner working with clients based in North America and EMEA. Our team of professionals can onboard your employees and set your company up for success with the most essential features within 10 business days. We also provide ongoing and ad hoc services for a wide range of implementations. Another core expertise is the development of Office add-ins using the REST HubSpot API creating a reliable bridge between the cloud and your desktop. For us, every business relationship is unique and our goal is to become your long-term partner. We are committed to always delivering the best through training and coaching of your sales and marketing teams on HubSpot best practices. In addition to HubSpot, we are Aircall,, Cloudtalk partners and are consistently looking for new opportunities to better assist our clientele. Inbound is about sharing your knowledge with the world and G&H Automation is willing to take your business to the next level.


TParis le Octobre 07, 2021
Hello Hubspot team, It has cause us a lot of trouble working with hubspot on the go as we use tasks + tasks comments extensively. I hope the hubspot mobile app will have updates it deserve to support people like me who works on the go. On th Lire la suite
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Participant | Partenaire solutions Diamond
Mars 25, 2023
Alleluia!!!!!!!!!! We've been waiting for this feature for at least 2 years. That said, I noticed this feature had been released for Iphones (iOS) bu...Lire la suite
PFriederich le Mars 17, 2022
I'm working on a custom workflow action which returns a result based on two input properties in a workflow. I've set up the inputs and outputs according to the docs, and the automation API accepts the definition without any complaints. The workf Lire la suite
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Participant | Partenaire solutions Diamond
Février 16, 2023
Hi @PFriederich - I'm working on a custom workflow action with enumeration as an output, and I'm having the same issue. Could you please share your...Lire la suite
fgiraldi le Juin 15, 2020
We have been working with Hubspot for almost 2 years, consuming its APIs from our source code and integrating it with Zapier. We made our way into automatically create an Engagement through Zapier, but some doubts have raised: When we create an e Lire la suite
Participant | Partenaire solutions Diamond
Février 12, 2023
Hello @acurtwright , Any update on this endpoint?
sandrine_OP le Janvier 10, 2019
Hi Community Is there a way to create a property that is linked by conditional logic to another property. i.e. I have a list of "general" issue, but I want the support team to be able to select sub issues when they select one of the entries for th Lire la suite
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Participant | Partenaire solutions Diamond
Janvier 21, 2023
Hi Jenny, Is it on the roadmap? Thanks. Greg
bcook le Septembre 26, 2018
It would be great if there was a way to create a Product Group that consists of multiple other products. So if you have a group of products that typically is sold together but could also be separate, the group would add in all of products in at once Lire la suite
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Participant | Partenaire solutions Diamond
Juin 16, 2022
+1 Hello @ethankopit - any update? About Q3? I just had a meeting with an Enterprise account and that was/is a requirement for them. Thanks. Greg
shiling le Mars 06, 2019
Currently the quote number is formatted as #yyyymmdd-xxxxxxxx, wherexxxxxxxx are random non-sequential numbers. I'd like to be able to configure how the quote number is formatted and generated, e.g. QU-xxxxxx, where xxxxxx is a sequential number. Lire la suite
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Participant | Partenaire solutions Diamond
Juin 16, 2022
+1 I just had a meeting with a client and one of the questions was related to the Quote Reference...
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