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Jennifer Erena


r2davis3 on Setembro 14, 2017
After assigning a Lead to a HS Sales User, I'd like to start a Sequence on their behalf, such that the email in the sequence has the FROM email of the HS Sales User, not me (the initator of the sequence).
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Maio 13, 2024
I am glad to see this is "being reviewed". @ABroadbent I am in the same position as you, we do not need enterprise, and cannot justify the budget ...Leia mais
JLavender2 on Agosto 31, 2022
I have about 80 active users and about 30 deactivated users. I haven't deleted those users, because there is data associated with them and I need it to stay as it is. Now, I want to take some actions on my ACTIVE users only. There is no way Leia mais
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Abril 04, 2024
SWEET! And the other filters. Thanks, Jenna Feeney and HubSpot!
jwatson on Novembro 01, 2018
Hello, would be great if you could extend the same email logging/tracking to the mobile platforms. My company uses exclusively Android, and we have an unpredicable break in the the chain when emailing from Mobile. I cannot yet identify which incom Leia mais
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Março 27, 2024
@TheJerro - I like the idea of creating a new way to connect emails. Our team struggles with being logged out of the plugin and with the NEW outl...Leia mais
iwontpostanythi on Dezembro 01, 2020
I am sending emails to contacts in my CRM, and I am also keeping in cc some colleagues of mine, who need to be part of the thread. I am interested in tracking whether the external contact of mine has opened the email, but the tracking pixel notifies Leia mais
Março 07, 2024
I first posted 2 years ago and have since found another impact to the currrent way we have to block IPs to have false open rates - if your IP is bloc...Leia mais
JenniferErena on Fevereiro 26, 2024
I was trying to test a workflow. My IP is excluded because we kept having too many false opens of emails from the person who sends it, instead of the intended recipient, so we started blocking IP addresses to hopefully reduce that. My test contact Leia mais
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ericajfinley on Outubro 17, 2023
If you’re a woman in sales who finds it difficult to find harmony between self and career in a leadership position, this event is for you. Join your peers for a candid conversation with LinkedIn’s Amber Naslund , a 20-year sale Leia mais
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Janeiro 23, 2024
Hi! Is there a recording of this webinar?
Marque conteúdo para acesso rápido às suas conversas mais úteis.
Todos têm que começar em algum lugar! Por que não começar sua jornada nos contando um pouco sobre os seus interesses?


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