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jmadore le Mars 11, 2020
With the way the quote tool currently works, we have a total price column that will show the cost per the recurring interval of time. For example, if the product is a recurring monthly payment, it will show "$ price / month," rather than the total p Lire la suite
74 Mentions J'aime
38 Réponses
Mai 31, 2023
Have the same issue with quotes, and cannot believe Hubspot has not addressed this despite the topicfirst being raised circa 3 years ago * Produc...Lire la suite
Cecilia_Decima le Septembre 11, 2020
Hello, we've created a contact property to allow our franchisees to select which email campaigns they want to send to their contacts (monthly newsletter, one-time news updates, etc). We have some drop-down options in this property that we'd like Lire la suite
19 Mentions J'aime
5 Réponses
Octobre 24, 2021
This functionality is a no-brainer - we should have the ability to hide (or retire) options for a property that are no longer valid
Anonymous le Janvier 28, 2020
In Contacts, when you create a Note and @mention someone, it sends a notification by email (based on user settings) that includes the contents of the note. There is a new functionality to Comment on an existing Note which allows for a record of Lire la suite
16 Mentions J'aime
4 Réponses
Août 29, 2021
Agree with the above - the email notification needs to - come with context - eg Gavin commented on <deal name>>, or Gavin commented on &...Lire la suite
caroline_at_hv le Mai 17, 2017
Looking to create a report using the create date of a property or date the property is changed, which can be found in the history of the property, as one of the metrics for the report. A report that will give me the number of deals that were Lire la suite
353 Mentions J'aime
101 Réponses
Juillet 20, 2021
since you are already capturing the date/time the value of any property changes, you should really make available out-of-the-box reporting tools usin...Lire la suite
MeganFrancis le Décembre 02, 2020
1. I do not want my colleagues to be able to delete any of the activities within the contact. 2. I want to see what activity is being deleted, and an option to restore. 3. I do not want any of my colleagues to be able to delete any contacts. Lire la suite
5 Mentions J'aime
3 Réponses
Juillet 20, 2021
My scenario is similar - I want any user to be able to add notes/comments/attachments in a ticket, but not be able to edit or delete these unless the...Lire la suite
joshflightbucks le Avril 11, 2017
My company has a workflow that requires one side of the company (claim specalists) to deal with sensitive information of individuals (under contacts) and the other side of the company (sales) to work with companies and contacts to partner with our c Lire la suite
223 Mentions J'aime
118 Réponses
Juillet 01, 2021
Thanks for the heads-up Joe ! So just to confirm (before i do configuration changes) - I can manage access per ticket/deal pipeline by either mak...Lire la suite
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