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Angela Hengsberger


PatrickEng on Dezembro 05, 2018
We've recently begun venturing into the bot-space and are wondering if HubSpot is working on an additional Bot action for delaying messages. I know that we can do message delays in the Settings tab, but that feels very restricting. It would be aweso Leia mais
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Março 20, 2020
any updates here? My chat bot is shouting out several messages at the same time. this is not what I want. a delay would be great. thx, angela.
josce06 on Junho 12, 2018
On all my deals pages I get the message " Your permissions don't allow you to edit this deal" I am a super admin and should have all access. I simply want to be able to assign the deal to an owner. Can anyone help to solve this problem? I'll mentio Leia mais
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Maio 16, 2019
Also for us this is a big problem. As we need to test our webshop (E-commerce Pipeline), we now have serveral faked deals which we can't delete. This...Leia mais
karinamariotti on Novembro 02, 2018
The sales team needs to be able to view a report that shows upcoming close dates for deal in particular stages. Ideally, it would be a report that would show the NEXT 120 days. Currently, the only options for rolling date ranges are for the L Leia mais
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Março 05, 2019
I would love to have the floating period setting also for future dates (weeks, month, quarters, year).
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