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Haley Kenna

As Canada's 22 ranked startup on the McClean's Growth List, we're looking to help other businesses grow through innovation and flexibility.


charingkam on November 08, 2018
Hi, I created a report that used cross reporting across contacts and companies, and within the report I can add a date filter. However, when I add it to my sales dashboard, the date filter for the whole dashboard doesn't seem to affect read more
86 Replies
May 26, 2022
Any updates? I'm trying to provide dashboards for reps across regions and territory. It seems like at this point the only solution is to create more
GoForJonny on July 20, 2021
I'm confident the community would appreciate the ability to edit notes while using the mobile app. Currently I can only create a new note which creates additional entries not needed.
4 Replies
February 25, 2022
When our reps visit the "field" to meet with a client or prospect, they use the app on their company issued iPads. Because they can't edit notes, more
angara on April 06, 2020
We want to use "Tasks" more intensively to register and measure all marketing and sales activities. But we cannot create a user-defined Property - please make this available. It should also be possible to see "Tasks" on the contact card on the r read more
30 Replies
May 26, 2022
Adding properties for Tasks would be amazing +1 Also for the Schedule Meeting Form too
paytek_haley on September 28, 2021
In some cases, recording data in Sheets (or excel) is just more convenient and relevant than using Hubspot. It's easier to do calculations, or quickly track activities for a door to door sales team (our use case). But there are a lot of things H read more
1 Reply
November 05, 2021
this is an idea i've encountered as well coz right now we use google sheets for prices of products for easy access of agents.. i thought we can sync more
caroline_at_hv on May 17, 2017
Looking to create a report using the create date of a property or date the property is changed, which can be found in the history of the property, as one of the metrics for the report. A report that will give me the number of deals that were read more
May 20, 2022
We are in need of this as well. Different use case though - we would like to report on all Survey Feedback submitted by Contacts. Currently limited more
SarahX on December 01, 2020
We really need a way to report on how long a ticket is spending at a particular status before progressing to the next step. I honnestly thought this was part of the functionality I was paying for with Service Pro. The ability to easily see where th read more
18 Replies
Participant | Diamond Partner
March 22, 2022
Hello everyone! I read this post and I did the same (I created a property for each stage but I did in Tickets). But I want to know if more
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