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Gabriel Marguglio

Gabriel started Nextiny in 2002 as a web design & SEO shop. In 2013, he partnered with HubSpot. Now a Diamond HubSpot Solution Partner, Nextiny won HubSpot’s Impact Award on measuring success in video for clients in 2018 and on website design on the HubSpot CMS in 2021. Gabriel Marguglio and the Nextiny team have run inbound marketing strategies and video marketing efforts for B2C and B2B clients nationwide in multiple industries. An early-adopter agency on video services, Gabriel and his team led Nextiny to become Wistia’s first Platinum Partner in the country. Now, Gabriel leads the Sarasota HubSpot User Group [HUG], the Video HubSpot User Group [HUG] for the U.S., and the HubSpot Community’s Video Marketing Study Group. Outside of work, Gabriel and his wife (and business partner) Jackie raise their four kids, collect vintage typewriters, and test recipes from their collection of 1,000+ cookbooks.


gabriel-nextiny on Fevereiro 24, 2023
Wondering if AI-generated video content is the way to go? Check out my latest blog post where I share my experience creating a video using ChatGPT and , and why I still believe in the importance of human-generated Leia mais
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PAULITA on Fevereiro 03, 2023
Hi!, I am not sure if this is the right place for this question, but wanted to check if there is a specific lighting we should be using to make our Marketing videos more personal yet professional. Is there any set recommendation on this? besides o Leia mais
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Orientador(a) | Parceiro Diamante
Fevereiro 24, 2023
Hi @PAULITA Here you have some other resources about lighting and setting up your video studio: How to Build a Professional-Quality Vide...Leia mais
KFreesdorf on Fevereiro 22, 2023
Hello all! I have a quick question: What do you think of small animations within the video voicemail? Does that look too unprofessional or can you do that in the age of TikTok & co? Thanks for your opinion! Katja
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Orientador(a) | Parceiro Diamante
Fevereiro 24, 2023
Hi @KFreesdorf Thanks for your question! What kind of animations where you thinking about? If you are adding a lower third with your name a...Leia mais
gabriel-nextiny on Janeiro 21, 2023
Check out this article and event recording to learn how to create websites that turn visitors into customers using the HubSpot CMS. Where to Start: 1. Understand Your Goals 2. Index All Pages 3. Collect Available Data 4. As Leia mais
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gabriel-nextiny on Novembro 24, 2022
How do you organize your home page content? Do you use any specific structure to optimize for conversions? Do you follow any methodologies? We are big believers in Story Brand and apply it to most of our Websites. Learn more abo Leia mais
gabriel-nextiny on Novembro 23, 2022
The delight stage of the inbound methodology is all about continuing to provide a remarkable experience for your customers and brand evangelists. That’s why original branded series, customer onboarding videos, and product-specific educational video Leia mais
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