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Alex Rottensteiner

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Anton en Junio 28, 2021
Hi Community, first of all: Saved sections in E-Mails are a real time saver! Thank you for developing this awesome feature. To let this feature be more over-the-top it would be a real time-saver if it would be possible to set (and save) sma Leer más
Septiembre 30, 2022
Hubspot please make this feature happen. We have Smart Rules in E-Mails with 10+ rules - it is very tedious to set up the Smart Rule each and every t...Leer más
jehiguese en Agosto 27, 2018
HubSpot auto creates a contact for anyone that emails in - or is cc'd into a reply in conversations. For some customers who manage through support, this will mean a large number of contacts can enter the database. The only way to prevent this at the Leer más
742 Me gusta
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Septiembre 27, 2022
this feature is very needed. Please pick it up in your development roadmap!
Alexrott en Septiembre 05, 2022
We use a specific Hubspot Inbox for our claims service, but we want to keep the customer timeline "clean" and to log only sales relevant E-Mail communication. We'd like to exclude E-Mails from logging into the customer timeline based on the re Leer más
itopac en Enero 27, 2022
We have a newsletter sign-up form. But user can sign-up several times. I want to display the message "You are already registered" to the user who has registered before.
41 Me gusta
9 Respuestas
Septiembre 05, 2022
this is absolutely needed!
jdtingay en Septiembre 20, 2021
I want to be able to create a count of the number of Closed/Won and Closed/Lost sales deals for a company so that we can identify issues with closing deals as well as those customers who may be using us for just price comparison with our competitors Leer más
Abril 28, 2022
I'm looking for the same feature: a simple counter in the company that adds +1 for every closed-won deal using workflows: - company-based: i can...Leer más
gsatwik en Enero 17, 2020
The idea is to have a Multiple Select Drop-down, which can enable a form visitor to select multiple options for a property by clicking on a dropdown and searching for an option. This would essentially be an altrenative for Multiple Checkbox Field Ty Leer más
180 Me gusta
63 Respuestas
Abril 19, 2022
@All upvote this Idea to make it happen. absolute necessity!
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