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Jwl4692 le Août 13, 2019
Add the ability to add a the start date and end date on every quote that can be generated from a deal. It would be great to see both start and end date as a default on every quote.
27 Mentions J'aime
17 Réponses
Février 12, 2021
Yes! a subscription start date and subscription end date on quotes would be VERY helpful. We currently use custom properties and then add them as tok...Lire la suite
Whitend75 le Septembre 05, 2019
We love the new Quote Approval function, but would like to be able to have more than a single approver. There are several reasons why: 1) If the approver is out for an extended time, it would be important for them to easily be able to delegate Lire la suite
202 Mentions J'aime
57 Réponses
Février 10, 2021
Adding to this idea, it would also be great if the Approver didn't require a sales enterprise license to approve. Use Case: our Finance team currentl...Lire la suite
Ina le Novembre 17, 2020
Our marketing team would like to have the Playbook option. It would be great to have Playbooks available at least for viewing at the company level, not only for Sales Enterprise users. Yes, to create and edit/publish it could remain at the Enterpris Lire la suite
15 Mentions J'aime
3 Réponses
Janvier 19, 2021
Yes! We also have the need for non-sales people to view playbook answers. Use Case: We created a Sales-to-Onboarding Handoff playbook. It includes a...Lire la suite
cfleishman le Août 31, 2017
Need to be able to clone an individual deal. This is helpful for recurring revenue organizations and building MRR. Please! Update from @JoeMayall : Due to a technical error on HubSpot’s end, this thread has an inflated upvote count. As of Lire la suite
1778 Mentions J'aime
543 Réponses
Janvier 05, 2021
Use Case: We want to make sure notes that were in prior deals with a prospect or client (that didn’t come to fruition but now are back on the table)...Lire la suite
plau le Septembre 12, 2019
At the moment Date-picker type properties are not supported by Playbooks. One use case for updating date properties via Playbooks is if we want to update information like the next meeting date we want to arrange with the contact, their preferred app Lire la suite
50 Mentions J'aime
24 Réponses
Décembre 09, 2020
We also have a need for this. Use Case: We have multiple playbooks that utilize dates such as Requested Go Live Date, Subscription Start Date, Subscr...Lire la suite
DevinRZC_DM le Décembre 18, 2019
I tried looking for other submissions like this but didn't find one... We need the ability to move questions/fields around inside playbooks we're building. Ex. We'd like to move the 1st question in a playbook to the end of the playbook Lire la suite
176 Mentions J'aime
47 Réponses
Décembre 09, 2020
Agreed. so much wasted time re-creating just to change the order.
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