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David Doughty

Adaptable. World Traveler. Auspicious. Board Game Enthusiast. As a Marketing Manager, David is focused on engaging and influencing his clients’ target markets through his knowledge of lead generation and lead nurturing best practices. Having traveled to 22 countries, and worked most recently as a marketing consultant in Abu Dhabi, David brings both a unique perspective and experience to Marsden Marketing’s inbound team. With a BA in Communications, a MS in Internet Marketing, and a background in videography, radio, and digital marketing, David brings his abilities as a creative problem solver to every task. David is a strong believer in continual learning to help find creative and innovative ways to help clients meet their goals. He is certified in Google AdWords and Analytics and has certifications in sales software, email marketing, inbound marketing, design, and a few others from HubSpot. He is also a Certified Salesforce Pardot Specialist. Recently he has awarded the HubSpot Champion User for 2020.


daviddoughty on Agosto 24, 2021
I was randomly looking through a client workflow that was automatically sending emails. I was in that workflow for testing. When I was going through my open and clicks registered in the latest email I noticed that it said I opened the email in Apple Leia mais
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kaleighb on Novembro 03, 2020
Hubspot allows us to filter employee and company IP address from web traffic data, but we cannot scrub employee likes, shares, and interactions from social reporting. This feature would help users at all levels provide more accurate data to interest Leia mais
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Novembro 03, 2020
This is an excellent idea and I'm surprised this isn't already a thing.
Jems212 on Janeiro 20, 2017
Basically for each property I want 3 options to choose from: 1) Update value if blank 2) Append to value 3) Overwrite value Sample use case(s): Append Option: Notes Field I have a comments field on my contact form where someone sends us a query. Leia mais
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Junho 04, 2020
Wanting to add to the noise here that this functinoality is extremely important. Just got off the phone with a multi-billion dollar company who when ...Leia mais
vos01086 on Maio 22, 2020
I have 2 different Outlook accounts from 2 different organizations and 1 should work with Salesforce only and the other one should only work with Hubspot. This because the organizations I work for have different programs at either Hubspot or Salesfo Leia mais
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Colaborador(a) | Parceiro Platinum
Maio 28, 2020
Unfortunatley, Outlook is a different kind of beast that I have terrible issues with. I would not be of much help with this issue. Good luck.
kim-johnson on Maio 19, 2020
Is it possible to send a mass email from Salesforce and report on the activity in Hubspot? For instance we have a Salesforce Integration with Hubspot and when sending emails from Hubspot and I can report in both SF and Hubspot. Sometimes I need to d Leia mais
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Maio 22, 2020
I not familiar with a way to track opens in HubSpot from a mass email in SFDC but you could track clicks by creating trackable links inside of HubSpot...Leia mais
hwilson74 on Maio 12, 2020
Hi there, We have a situation where our sales personnel tend to move around a lot, and their contacts need to be reassigned. We use Salesforce as our main CRM. We would expect that if we change the contact owner in SF, that the integration would Leia mais
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Colaborador(a) | Parceiro Platinum
Maio 18, 2020
That's actually a tricky question. If you make any changes in HubSpot, they will be synced over to SFDC, so if you wipe the account owner in HubSpot,...Leia mais
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