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KNewmanRyan le Novembre 29, 2021
Just raising this idea on behalf of a customer. The customer will be leaving their current role soon and will no longer have access to their current HubSpot account. They were looking to change the email address or HubSpot account related to th Lire la suite
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Juillet 26, 2023
Thanks for the update, @MiaSrebrnjak ! Does that form also help with changing the email address on the account or would that be a comple...Lire la suite
daust le Janvier 04, 2021
Hi, In Reports, it would be great to include the ability to link directly to Tasks. We've setup a Dashboard with various sections e.g. My Tickets, My Tasks, My Contacts, Deals at a certain critical stage, for salespeople to monitor on a daily basis. Lire la suite
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Juin 28, 2022
@daust @CSic You can get around this by adding contact ID and/or company ID in the custom report. Tasks are recorded on objects themselves and do...Lire la suite
AJLaPorte_diagr le Janvier 29, 2019
There are many times when a datetime field can be beneficial for use in the contact properties. There are currently a few fields (HubSpot defaults) that contain this data but you cannot create a custom property for this kind of data through the edit Lire la suite
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Février 18, 2022
Needing this for custom notifications we're trying to send out and for filtering workflow actions based on time. Would love to see some updates on th...Lire la suite
katie_cort le Janvier 20, 2021
The problem right now is that on the mobile app, custom objects are read only, and cannot be edited. Additionally, contacts cannot be associated with custom objects from the mobile app. For a business where the custom object may be properties, or r Lire la suite
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Janvier 12, 2022
+1 to what @NancyLambert said. We need this for our clients working in real estate and education. We just tested it out and it seems to work ...Lire la suite
Agard12 le Janvier 07, 2022
hello everyone I want to learn (SEO) search engine optimisation skills and earn kitchen income to sell services anybody can guide me and I also want to work with someone and learn as a student thnaks
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Janvier 10, 2022
+1 on SEMrush Academy and I also recommend Ahrefs stuff. They have some really good courses over on their Academy and they upload r...Lire la suite
KristeenRomero le Octobre 25, 2021
I'm trying to add some custom code into a workflow to search through the properties of a Patient Records custom object I created, but it keeps giving me this error: TypeError: Cannot read property 'searchApi' of undefined It looks like I can't Lire la suite
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