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Mark_Ryba on Februar 04, 2022 Considering the ruling detailed in the article above, it would be prudent for HubSpot to improve how theme fonts are currently handled in CMS Hub to be both more co Beitrag ansehen
Dezember 16, 2022
@mcoley just wanted to add a thanks for this quick and easy resolution! Props 👍
christinephu on Oktober 20, 2022
My playbook recommendations are persistent across all stages no matter the stage. This is related to the new 'recommend a playbook by stage' feature. Is this expected? Set up: I have an SDR Qualifying Notes playbook. The rule is se Beitrag ansehen
November 22, 2022
Hi Mia, I was just setting up a test environment to preview our new playbook approach and encountered this issue as well. Will send you a message too...Beitrag ansehen
dtavenues on Oktober 21, 2020
This has been asked in a variety of ways, but I wanted to start a new thread since marketing events and custom objects have been rolled out to see if there are any new thoughts. We are a school with multiple campuses and run many information eve Beitrag ansehen
November 08, 2022
If it's a specific event with a yearly occurrence, you could set up a single multi-select property like "X event attendance" and then have the years ...Beitrag ansehen
hubspotter594 on April 01, 2021
I know the HubSpot dev guys are already in Beta for adding Microsoft Teams links to HubSpot emails and setting notifications - this is a separate request. Microsoft Teams have recently started allowing the download of attendee lists and I understan Beitrag ansehen
56 Antworten
Oktober 28, 2022
Hi @poconnell Our org is also considering switching from Zoom to Teams for steaming events and webinars. How likely is the "late 2022" ballpark? ?...Beitrag ansehen
Achagnon1 on August 07, 2020
I'm in the process of setting up calculated properties to use the new "time between" feature in reporting, and realized that, in the 'time between' calculations for properties, I'd like to have access to the option 'today,' which would be a dynamic Beitrag ansehen
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Oktober 06, 2022
@shajones Excellent to hear! Looking forward to an update.
Hawk-Steve on Juni 07, 2022
Context Agents want to reduce the amount of clicks and admin when working around tasks. They like that they can create a follow-up task by clicking the tick-box when adding a note or other activity. When you save an activity with follow-up tic Beitrag ansehen
8 Antworten
August 23, 2022
This would be incredibly helpful. Just adding the feature to assign the task to someone other than yourself and editing the note body would be a huge...Beitrag ansehen
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