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Linda Houben

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rgriss le Août 16, 2021
We recently upgraded to sales enterprise. We are using a quote-based workflow. We want to build several notifications: for example, when a deal reaches a stage called "complete", but the customer has not yet paid their invoice, we want to send a r Lire la suite
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Octobre 02, 2023
Would be a great feature. Will try the workaround, but seems like an easy feature to implement by HubSpot
KatMalmusNZ le Mai 11, 2021
It would be incredibly useful if we would be able to change an activity property within a workflow. Here are a couple of use cases: Our Sales team completes call using Aircall, which is integrated with HS. Aircall has the limitation that both a con Lire la suite
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Août 01, 2023
Why is it not possible to set in a workflow when it is possible to use it as an enrollment trigger? Would be very helpfull as we use an integration t...Lire la suite
anthonym le Juin 17, 2021
There should be a way to automatically update availability for live chat agents using integrations such as calendars, slack or Zapier. It's rather cumbersome to manage my availability separately here as well as in other apps, since I'm often in and Lire la suite
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Juillet 31, 2023
Would be a much needed feature to implement. It's not possible to respond when having a meeting
LeeMarPet le Mars 05, 2021
Creating automated rules to filter emails by subject line or content in the body would be a huge time-saving feature that will bring value to HubSpot. For example, if we wanted to filter emails that contained "Thank you for your order" in the su Lire la suite
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Juillet 25, 2023
Would be a great addition because clients usually have lots of rules already implemented in their current email client.
Voytek le Février 04, 2020
It would be great for any marketing team to be able to add hyperlinks to different social media posts (e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter). After taking a look at some documentation, it seems like the ability to add a hyperlinks on social post is n Lire la suite
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Juillet 19, 2023
Very much needed! It's possible on every content publishing platfrom, so why not yet in HubSpot. Some of the ideas are submitted already in 2017! S...Lire la suite
BigTFlyer le Mai 17, 2017
We are looking to add a url link to the images that we post to our social media without having the url link in the body of the post. Is that possible? Thank you in advance!
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Juillet 19, 2023
It's 2023 now. Why isn't this a feature yet.
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