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Briceclark le Août 01, 2018
Hello everyone! This idea serves to help all serviced-based companies currently using HubSpot. Lets be honest, the quote system HubSpot has to offer is awesome. Clean and professional format, product/service details, and even a Stripe integration Lire la suite
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47 Réponses
Décembre 13, 2020
Ability to take a deposit payment via Stripe Integration on Quotes would solve our workaround issues. Please, this would be amazing.
agnsob le Janvier 23, 2019
hey! We wanted to implement Quotes as part of our sales process. Overall, the functionality looks great and easy to use, apart from one thing - we can't edit our company address. Our HQ is in Germany and this address is in HubSpot. But we a Lire la suite
109 Mentions J'aime
51 Réponses
Août 05, 2020
Definately need this, there are so many companies that have multiple offices. We are a medium sized business with offices in 3 different states.
R10 le Août 27, 2019
As someone who often has to create quotes for other team members, I would find it very helpful to be able to easily switch the "Your Info" contact info in a quote. Currently, the quote creator is the default contact for the quote. If I need to Lire la suite
105 Mentions J'aime
28 Réponses
Août 05, 2020
Yes, this would be a great feature. I hope it can be implemented, and soon.
AnaïsB le Janvier 24, 2019
Hello there, It would be great if we had the option to make form fields autocomplete ; for adresses, using the Google Maps autosuggest could do something like that : We have a lot of trouble treating duplicates and typos, which would Lire la suite
151 Mentions J'aime
49 Réponses
Août 04, 2020
This really is quite a critical tool for a CRM, can save a lot of time in both data entry and ongoing data mantainence.
lalexander le Novembre 14, 2018
Hi team, It would be great to be able to automatically add certain Products to Deals within Workflows. For example, if a customer comes in via a certain source and all of the customers from that source are purchasing Product A, all the Deals cou Lire la suite
633 Mentions J'aime
177 Réponses
Juillet 30, 2020
If this concept could be extended to the chatbot workflows as well that would be amzing for customers being able to self create an estimate/quote fro...Lire la suite
Clovenhoof le Juin 24, 2020
Hi My company is having a strange issue where, if we filter our deals in the table view by one particular user, it will indispersed with other users deals towards the bottom of the list. Has anyone encountered this before? Thanks AW
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Juin 24, 2020
Thanks @Bryantworks Well after having this issue for weeks, I finally open up a discussion in a forum and the problem solves itself. For poste...Lire la suite
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