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Diana Contreras

HubSpot strategy and platform specialist @ Digitopia Agency, a HubSpot Platinum partner. I work with all of our clients to ensure strategic implementation of all things HubSpot. For companies who are looking to accelerate growth, I can help you determine if you have what you need from your CRM and can guide you to solutions that take advantage of HubSpot's full capabilities. ---------- Soy estratega de HubSpot y especialista de implementación en Digitopia Agency. Trabajo con clientes para asegurar una implementación estratégica de todo relacionado con HubSpot. Para compañías que desean acelerar ingresos, yo puedo ayudarle determinar si hay necesidades en su proceso y encontrar soluciones para los huecos en su estrategia de HubSpot.


SStrachan on März 17, 2022
We are building a 3rd party form for out team to submit email for automation. It will create a new custom object that will trigger the flow. Is there a way for them to choose a list to send to from the form?
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Stratege/Strategin | Diamond Partner
März 21, 2022
Can I get a little more context here @SStrachan - when you say it will create a custom object do you actually mean it will inform a custom property...Beitrag ansehen
rasen58 on August 04, 2020
I sent an email from my gmail using the hubspot chrome extension, and enabled tracking on the email. But for some reason, I'm getting a notification every few mintues for the past 14 hours saying this person has opened the email. There's clearly s Beitrag ansehen
6 Antworten
Stratege/Strategin | Diamond Partner
Februar 14, 2022
Hey @CBaugh I don't think there is a way to "mute" or untrack an active thread. However, if this email thread is flooding your inbox y...Beitrag ansehen
smk on August 06, 2020
Hi. Is it possible to (a) prevent HS from importing contacts that already exist, and/or (b) prevent HS from overwriting the contact owner? Thanks.
8 Antworten
Stratege/Strategin | Diamond Partner
Dezember 16, 2021
Hey @JQuijano glad you reached out! It's actually even easier than that 🙂 upload the data and leave the column blank. A blank field in the sprea...Beitrag ansehen
dianalcont on September 15, 2021
My biggest pain point with the file upload feature is that it's nearly impossible to find a file that's been uploaded in the file manager. You have to find that in the form submission or in the contact record/properties. I have clients that us Beitrag ansehen
1 Antwort
Thibault3 on März 29, 2021
Hi there, I'm running a project to improve chatbot engagement/conversion across our site. We all know that personalization is key, so I was thinking to provide different versions of our chatbot based on lifecycle stage. Would anyone have Beitrag ansehen
7 Antworten
Stratege/Strategin | Diamond Partner
März 31, 2021
Hey @Thibault3 I agree with @Bruno_Teixeira - but with one caveat to keep in mind. That requires someone to have already filled out a form...Beitrag ansehen
Edyta7510 on März 31, 2021
Hi All, I'm looking for best practices for the following kind of B2B deal: - it starts with a "Lead" status (it may have an associated value, estimated by the deal owner). - it progresses through stages, the value gets updated, owner log Beitrag ansehen
Stratege/Strategin | Diamond Partner
März 31, 2021
I love the way you think @Edyta7510 - simple is always better and it's very easy to get wrapped up in the functionality you get with HubSpot. ...Beitrag ansehen
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