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Pauline Van Ostaeyen


TiphaineCuisset on Janeiro 17, 2023
Please join us in congratulating @karstenkoehler on 6000 Accepted Solutions in the HubSpot Community. Hi everyone! We are delighted to announce this incredible milestone for Community Champion @karst Leia mais
49 avaliações positivas
68 Respostas
Janeiro 18, 2023
Your answers have helped me out on numerous occasions, Karsten. Thanks and congrats!
JMaylandOlsen on Abril 20, 2022
Currently the Hubspot goas module does not support: 1. Using team goals in reporting & forecasting 2. Creating and using sub-goals. However, it's quite common to: A. Want to report on overall revenue goal achievement in a fiscal year B. B Leia mais
186 avaliações positivas
52 Respostas
Janeiro 05, 2023
This seems like a quick win with big impact. It makes much more sense for us to have goals on a company level, and to be able to see these in charts ...Leia mais
granthanson on Maio 23, 2019
Looking for some advice with our SDR to AE handoff process. Anyone willing to share their process and how they have it set up in Hubspot? Specific Question: Any way to copy the original contact owner (SDR in our case) on each contact/compan Leia mais
1 avaliações positivas
13 Respostas
Janeiro 04, 2023
A newer and more suitable solution to this would be using the " Collaborators " feature which can be toggled on in Settings.
mathew_murphy on Março 10, 2021
Because of the limited functionality of the e-mail replies in HubSpot, our team temds to reply to tickets using e-mail clients, and also reply to personal mail that should have gone to the support address while CCing the support address. Unfortu Leia mais
9 avaliações positivas
11 Respostas
Janeiro 02, 2023
This is a great answer, thanks! Hopefully the HubSpot team can include this explanation in the knowledge base
steinarslatten on Janeiro 11, 2022
The new tool of "Insert proposed times" for scheduling meetings is great! However, there is some issues in the calendar management, especially for the sales team where the users tend to schedule a lot of meetings each day and the calendar fills Leia mais
13 avaliações positivas
3 Respostas
Outubro 03, 2022
This is a major headache for me, I've double-booked timeslots before due to this.
cmccabe on Março 23, 2020
I am implementing HubSpot Sales and CRM company-wide. We are starting with the most important features and rolling out 'nice-to-haves' as adoption increases. We are not using Tickets, Workflows, Memberships, or Playbooks at this time. Those features Leia mais
153 avaliações positivas
66 Respostas
Agosto 21, 2022
@LRosenbloom I signed up for the beta, it seems like only the inside-the-record right panel customization option is available and it is not yet pos...Leia mais
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