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yasiooy en Septiembre 05, 2023
Hi, We are trying to use GTM to create an Analytics Event that would trigger each time a HubSpot form is submitted. That part is easy, but we would also like to have the value of a custom dropdown property in the form to be saved in the Event Labe Leer más
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RBRESK en Agosto 15, 2022
Im trying to obrtain a value from embedded HubSpot form on the website using GTM at the moment of form submission. Im using this basic script as form submit listener <script type="text/javascript"> window.addEventListener("message", fu Leer más
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Septiembre 04, 2023
Hi all, I've found this thread while looking for a solution for our client - maybe you'll be able to help. We have a form with a custom dropd...Leer más
NicoleSengers en Febrero 21, 2022
I would love to be able to add in the new association labels using a workflow - rather than needing to do this manually. this would enable businesses who have contact A who makes a booking and Contacts B, C, D etc who attend a course or an event f Leer más
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Abril 04, 2023
We have multiple Enterprise clients that desperately need this solution. Seems like it should have been added when labels werre first introduced. We ...Leer más
jmangiameli en May 02, 2022
Hello HubSpot community! Currently we provide phone numbers in the US, UK and Canada but we have plans to offer numbers in many more countries. We don't have a timetable but it is something we are actively working on. Use this post to let us know Leer más
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Abril 03, 2023
Poland needs this! We have multiple clients who would benefit from this
HBruce en Febrero 20, 2023
Currently we are not able to run reports looking at Activities within Custom Objects. It automatically defaults to Contacts and pulls the activity from the Contact record, not your Custom Object. We use a few Custom Objects and I am trying to pu Leer más
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Febrero 21, 2023
Yes, this seems like an easy fix since the Activities are already associated with those objects. Please make it happen!
susanmartin2006 en Julio 22, 2020
It seems strange that I'm able to create custom properties on Products (like notes, comment, is optional selection, serial number) but they can't be used/pulled into Quotes. I don't think any functionality will change when we sync our product librar Leer más
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Diciembre 15, 2022
This is a feature requested by multiple clients of ours and seems to be easy to implement - we hope to see it implemented soon!
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