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Dan Moyle

I live to put more love into the world and create a better space for everyone. As a HubSpot user since 2010, I've learned a ton from some amazing people. Now I get to put that knowledge, experience and insight to use. I teach HubSpot to clients, new users, our own team and others. As HubSpot Advisor at Impulse Creative I help with HubSpot training for our team and clients with our Learning Ops team. Onboardings, training sessions, Masterclass courses, tutorials, Knowledge Base content and more! Personally, I'm a blended family dad near Kalamazoo, MI with my partner, our two teenage daughters, our 2 cats & a fish & pet snake... and I love to ride my Harley (wind therapy) as often as possible - which isn't always easy in Michigan!


MPalmer6 on December 02, 2022
Hi All I have gone to add our email signature to Hubspot, via Settings > General > Email > edit email signature But when I do this, it does not bring across any of the formatting or photos. This is what it looks like: read more
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December 02, 2022
@MPalmer6 hi Matt! If you have the HTML code, you can copy and paste it here: With that, you can also c reate a signature here and more
kvonloesecke on December 02, 2022
Hey Community, Year-end of reporting can feel like cramming for finals if you aren’t prepared! Here are some tips to make your end-of-the-year reporting process stress-free: Keep your CRM organized throughout the yea read more
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December 02, 2022
Great advice @kvonloesecke - love this! The premade reports are a lifesaver. I'd also think ahead and prepare for the end of 2023 if someone's more
Alejandrogr on December 02, 2022
While chatting with customers, it would be very useful to select a past message and reply to it, so it is easier to point out what we are referring to. Sometimes the customer posses several questions or the conversation moves forward, and it is un read more
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December 02, 2022
Love this idea - kind of like how I'm using text in my iMessage now. Great idea!
SComeau on December 02, 2022
I LOVE the new Customer Journey reporting and it will solve many of our issues for where a lead came from and how long to convert. BUT... we need it to be longer than 30 days! 30 Days does not give us the data we need to find trends. Any idea when t read more
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December 02, 2022
It's pretty legit new reporting isn't it @SComeau 😊 You may already know of the ideas forum , but I'd definitely put this feedback more
EPullyblank on December 02, 2022
Hi there, while I work though the list to manage current duplicate companies, I was wondering if it's possible to create a rule that either 1.) notifies an individual that the account already exists or 2.) prevents a duplicate account from being cre read more
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December 02, 2022
@EPullyblank HubSpot prevents Company duplicates already, based on the business website. Deduplicate records in HubSpot As long as more
EBrambilla on December 02, 2022
Hello! I'm new in Hubspot and we're setting up the system in our company. I would to have some tips about the best practice to manage alternative deals. I mean, we sell complex automation and safety products. Technically we can offer two, three or read more
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December 02, 2022
@EBrambilla what about a property (maybe in the Deal object) that lists the varying services, along with resources that explain them in details, more
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