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Maarten de Wit


Chemique on Maio 31, 2018
We're a B2B company with an external sales team. One report that our management staff tends to watch is "quotes per sales associate." We're pretty new to SalesPro and it's quoting features. We are currently tracking this data manually and I feel lik Leia mais
154 avaliações positivas
49 Respostas
Membro | Parceiro Diamante
Agosto 20, 2021
Great suggestions and definitely upvote on this. Also, we can track everything in HS (email opens, sales documents etc) however we are not able...Leia mais
Nickabr on Maio 15, 2020
Hi Hubspot, When can we see the most popular font - 'Calibri' included in emails sequences and Marketing Emails ( without needing to code )? Seems like a fair request. Please confirm a timeline?
73 avaliações positivas
52 Respostas
Membro | Parceiro Diamante
Agosto 13, 2021
Please add more fonts to HubSpot for direct mail, marketing emails etc. Currently there are only 7 available and definitely not sufficient. Please ex...Leia mais
pacooke01 on Outubro 20, 2020
As we start to use HubSpot across more parts of the business (outside of just sales and marketing) we want to capture more and more data/info in HubSpot - in one system that our entire company has access to; that's the dream! Anyway, our custome Leia mais
33 avaliações positivas
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Membro | Parceiro Diamante
Julho 22, 2021
I am upvoting this. Not only using hashtags but also give a category/type just like we have with Calls and Meetings. This way companies can report ...Leia mais
dickonstone on Novembro 30, 2018
IMPORTANT: Not "Dependent Fields". Please see Gravity Forms' conditional logic functionality for example: At present, HubSpot "Dependent Fields" can serve new form fields based on a se Leia mais
167 avaliações positivas
64 Respostas
Membro | Parceiro Diamante
Janeiro 08, 2021
Great contribution. Would love to have this feature for one our prospects.
atma on Junho 16, 2018
Allow customers to log in and see their Ticket inbox, history, statuses, replies etc. Ideally integrate this with Knowedge Base too.
467 avaliações positivas
221 Respostas
Membro | Parceiro Diamante
Janeiro 06, 2021
Yes, please create this addition. It will make HubSpot a much and much stronger all-in-one solution :).
Rianne on Março 08, 2019
Within our organization we use Microsoft Teams for all meetings. When people book a meeting through the Meeting tool with someone, we now have to manually send out an additional Microsoft Teams meeting. We would like to these meeting tool invites to Leia mais
727 avaliações positivas
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Membro | Parceiro Diamante
Janeiro 06, 2021
Please upvote. Really relevant as most of our customers (including ourselves) use Teams instead of Zoom. Thanks for ranking this up the list of prio...Leia mais
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