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Piotr Surmacki

B2B Sales & Marketing automation expert. More than 20 years experience in building and implementing sales and marketing software. Business & Technology combined in one body.


surmacki on Março 23, 2023
HubSpot Conversation API is in beta right now, but as I'm testing the beta, I've implemented Chat GPT as a conversation-handling bot for my live chat 😀 ✌️ It's a very simple solution for anyone with access to HubSpot Conversations API (beta) Leia mais
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brianjlowry on Janeiro 28, 2019
Hi, I am aware that you can add a UID when creating an engagement. My question is: does HubSpot create one when an engagement is created from within the UI (sent email, logged call, etc.)? Thanks for your help!
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Março 12, 2023
Hi @cbarley , any progress on getting UID to work? I need an API method to update engagement based on UID I created earlier when creating the engage...Leia mais
jpearson86 on Dezembro 10, 2019
Hi, I finally managed to get Zapier to create or update an existing contact. I then managed to get Zapier to create a new deal. However, the two are completely separate. I want to be able to go in to my contact and see that there is an assoc Leia mais
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Maio 28, 2021
As of May 28th, it works fine but completely different from what all the previous posts explain. Here are my steps: 1. Catch hook / Any other trigge...Leia mais
surmacki on Junho 18, 2020
Together with my customer, we are trying to integrate SurveyMonkey into our HubSpot workflow, but we're unable to do this in any meaningful way . We want to include a survey link in one of the automated emails sent to the contact and get the surve Leia mais
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kimnguyen on Junho 23, 2017
Hi all, Is HubSpot planning to provide an API for the campaign objects? It does not seem possible to fetch the campaign and it’s related data with the API. There's this: But this Leia mais
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Junho 01, 2020
Hi @Shay , I've submitted an idea on campaigns (here is the link ) but was thinking over the weekend that I could build what my customer expects ...Leia mais
surmacki on Maio 29, 2020
In "Marketing --> Planning and Strategy --> Campaigns" we create campaigns and then we are able to add assets like landing pages or static list to it and this is great. We can also add budget and campaign goal and this is great too. My pr Leia mais
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