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Elana Shama


abinashnanda on Junho 21, 2018
Hi, I am looking for a solution to this problem - I am capturing email ids via form on my landing pages but I am getting lot of junk entries. Is there a way Hubspot can validate and verify email address submitted in a form - maybe at the time of Leia mais
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Outubro 12, 2022
We've just implemented clearout in our forms. It's a great tool and their customer service is phenomenal.
rossedmunds on Novembro 23, 2020
With many users of HubSpot importing vast lists of contacts into the CRM, a feature to automatically fill properties such as "Job Title" from LinkedIn would prove beneficial. The current integration with LinkedIn sales navigator allows for an embed Leia mais
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Julho 31, 2022
Same here. Tried implementing the feature, but its not working.
bgallagher on Outubro 13, 2016
Has anyone successfully implemented Linkedin autoFill on a HubSpot form? Don’t see any reason that this wouldn’t work but need to a paying Linkedin Marketing Solutions customer so can’t test it. Leia mais
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Julho 31, 2022
@narmstrong can you share the new code you used that worked for you? Ifollowed the instructions in the link you sent, but it's still not working. ...Leia mais
Yowza on Fevereiro 07, 2019
Personalzing an auto-response email to form submissions and trying to correct for improper casing on submitter data. Using text-transform options I can obviously switch to all CAPS, all lower, or force a Capital first letter. Using Capitalize I ca Leia mais
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Junho 23, 2022
this addon is great, thanks!
Tornike on Dezembro 24, 2019
Hello everybody, Need your help here... One problem that I have is that I am trying to include html module in another html module (Not Drag&Drop) Hubspot says: "This module can be added to any drag and drop template via the Add sidebar. It Leia mais
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Junho 07, 2022
Can someone provide the code that works?
zeshanshani on Agosto 08, 2018
I've created a global module and when I try to use it inside another module like this: {% module "module_1533298233409297" module_id="3476458" label="EACD2018 - Social" %} it always gives me the following error: Error:"module" is disabled in Leia mais
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Junho 07, 2022
this is crazy! what's the point of creating modules if you can't link to them frmo your template? Definitely need this option!
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