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Holger Wittig


BradHennessy on Março 22, 2023
Currently, there is no feature in HubSpot that allows me to communicate/show information to all users within the portal. For example, if HubSpot has an Issue, the team puts a banner at the top of the screen letting us know there is an issue. We' Leia mais
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Membro | Parceiro Elite
Outubro 11, 2023
Love those banners from HubSpot and would be a really great help for all Admins to inform Users in their Hubs
Vlemieux on Junho 15, 2023
Hi, Would it be possible to find a way to export the Tickets, in a type of PDF? This would allow me to export our ticket for product issue in our Company Drive where everyone will be able to learn from problems we have at the Service Department. Leia mais
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Membro | Parceiro Elite
Outubro 04, 2023
Hi, same for some of my customers. They need a seperate pdf documentations on issues outside the CRM...
TFragiacomo on Dezembro 05, 2022
Currently, there's no way to move workflows, propertities, or other items FROM a sandbox enviornment to our Production account. There needs to be an easier way to do this instead of recreating.
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Membro | Parceiro Elite
Fevereiro 06, 2023
Same! Workflow is such a great tool and we're frequently testing complex workflows in our sandbox.
Kristin on Maio 18, 2017
Currently HubSpot is not configured to allow users to sync Salesforce events with HubSpot - so the data contained in events cannot be mapped. We would like to use HubSpot to send our clients reminder emails for upcoming appointments automatically so Leia mais
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Membro | Parceiro Elite
Novembro 21, 2022
+1. Very important to synchronize historical data from Salesforce to HubSpot (e.g. when switching from SFDC to HubSpot).
AVillalobos2 on Fevereiro 11, 2022
Hi! There should be a functionality when creating a form, to enable customers receiving an email receipt after they submit anything through a form. They should receive a copy of their submission within their email. Similar to how Google Form Leia mais
Membro | Parceiro Elite
Outubro 13, 2022
Same for me and my customers. I think it will be necessary especially in the German market where you need all kind of proofs and documentaions. Than...Leia mais
Naomi78 on Maio 03, 2018
It would be great if products information for an opportunity was included in the Salesforce integration. At the moment, opportunities/deals are passed from SF into hubspot without the products attached.
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Membro | Parceiro Elite
Agosto 04, 2022
+1 one of my customers is migrating from SFDC to HubSpot. 700+ products have to be lifted/shifted.
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