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Matt Bradford-Aunger

Inbound Marketing Manager at FINALLY. Helping Engineering & Manufacturing companies attract, engage, and delight their customers over and over again.


FinallyMatt en Junio 09, 2021
It would be really useful to customise the required properties when setting up a contact, depending on a user's primary team, role, or individually. There are different requirements for teams throughout businesses when it comes to storing cont Leer más
FinallyMatt en Marzo 12, 2021
We stumbled across what we thought was an issue with completed task tracking not recording to user activities in the Sales Analytics tool. After a conversation with the support team, it turned out the acitivty report uses the task due date whe Leer más
FinallyMatt en Diciembre 09, 2020
Revenue attribution reporting is a great tool that enables enterprise sales and marketing teams to demostrate ROI, and in doing so provides an incredibly compelling reason to invest more in marketing, and grow their businesses. But is it enter Leer más
FinallyMatt en Diciembre 07, 2020
It could be really useful to have the ability to create LinkedIn streams for monitoring and reporting around particular keywords or hashtags. This could be a really valuable tool for social managers, particularly those focusing businesses on a Leer más
FinallyMatt en Julio 02, 2020
When negotiating a deal, dropping a custom discount on-the-fly can often be what ultimately tips a lead to a customer. In turn, that discount changes the value of a deal...or at least, it should! The trouble is, right now it doesn't. Custom Leer más
Participante | Partner nivel Platinum
Noviembre 18, 2020
That's well thought out @AlanR . Absolutely agree, taxes shouldn't be included in the deal value, but should reflect the Net Value after discounts. ...Leer más
AJLaPorte_diagr en Octubre 10, 2017
You should create a connector for use with Google's DataStudio Application. This would help us create a more robust report for our users and we can leverage the statistics that HubSpot provides. Currently, other services like Databox can connect to Leer más
Participante | Partner nivel Platinum
Noviembre 11, 2020
@Kimberley Yeah we had the same issue. We've ended up resigning ourselves to the dashboards in HubSpot and linking to them in the DataStudio report...Leer más
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