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Juan Pérez

Love inbound, particularly bottom funnel, sales enablement, marketing and sales alignment. Favorite small talk conversations: Mets, Giants, Warriors, Mobile Technology and Politics


DiegoPI on June 11, 2018
It would be great to be able to change the default meeting reminder email or meeting booked email when creating a scheduling page. The minor customization allowed in the form of additional unformtted text is not enough. It would also be great to be read more
228 Replies
May 19, 2022 07:09
How is this Not Currently Planned ? These default reminder emails are stale and look unprofessional. I don't understand why this wasn't more
SkeeStylus on February 04, 2022
Would be wonderful for contacts exhibiting a particular behavior or property to trigger a workflow that adds them to the Never Log List. One particular group of contacts we don't ever want to log is job applicants. Very sensitive salary informat read more
larry99 on July 27, 2018
You should be able to send marketing emails to the secondary email address field. We market primarily to couples who each have their own email address but are really one customer. As it stands now, you can only send marketing emails like newslette read more
53 Replies
April 06, 2022 08:25
Please add this feature - we email school leaders and most of the time, their assistants are the ones who read the emails and decide if the more
pingle on July 05, 2017
On a form, there is a field with two different responses, which helps to determine the ideal customer. It is very important to have the feature to redirect a visitor to separate thank you pages based on the response. To B2B customers, we sell our p read more
101 Replies
May 13, 2022 09:43
Keeping up the energy... This would solve so many different problems. Could we at least get an update please?
samanthacasey on September 05, 2019
It would be helpful to be able to export a list of the existing lists we have in Hubspot. I don't always want to export information from each list. Sometimes I want to export a list of lists/counts/type/creator. This would help me keep track of the read more
3 Replies
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December 03, 2021 11:54
We need this too!! We keep an excel sheet of our list of lists but would be so much better to be able to export.
ErinHertz on October 16, 2020
Our sales team has back to back meetings all day long and would love the ability to automatically change Meeting Outcomes based on the meeting time passing, in a workflow. This way, they would only have to worry about changing the outcome if they di read more
9 Replies
February 02, 2022 13:44
Is there any update to this? Right now as the sales op lead I am the one who goes back and marks meetings/deals completed which is annoying for me more
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