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Ariel Owens

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arielowens le Avril 09, 2024
As a Support Team we work out of tickets and would love to be able to capture pipeline/ticket insights similar to how Hubspot allows for this on the Deal side. See below. Example of Deal Insights We would love to be able to capture something si Lire la suite
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IWhite le Juin 14, 2023
Hi, Is it possible to see who else is physically viewing - and possibly updating - a ticket in Service Hub in real time? We've recently migrated over from Zendesk where all agents actually looking at a particular ticket would have their avatar di Lire la suite
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Avril 09, 2024
Hubspot gives us the ability to see this when working conversations which is awesome but my Support Team primiarly works out of tickets so translatin...Lire la suite
KMelen le Février 08, 2023
How do I change the default send from email and name for marketing emails? It currently defaults the email address of the person who created the email. However, since they are marketing emails, they should come from the company. If I can't chang Lire la suite
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Janvier 08, 2024
We have many shared email addresses and our Support team uses a certain one. We find that sometimes the from email address will default or pull in th...Lire la suite
Cherisse le Avril 19, 2021
We use workflows to automate many tasks we would normally be manually managing. I would like the ability to use workflows to "Create Note" on a Contact and/or Company record. Example 1: Following a training, we provide our clients incenti Lire la suite
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Juillet 07, 2023
I was just looking at Hubspot app integrations in Workflows and found two apps that allow for note automation but they cost or will cost after a cert...Lire la suite
Salehish le Octobre 31, 2019
It would be great if you could set conditional properties for contacts and companies. For instance "if XX property is set to XX, then show XYZ properties in the about view as well". This is needed as we have different types of customers who each hav Lire la suite
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Juin 28, 2023
Our Support Team would love to be able to get more granular with our Required Ticket Properties. At this time we are only able to set those based on ...Lire la suite
arielowens le Novembre 02, 2022
We would like to be able to control the default symbol when using Snippets. Currently, the Hubspot Snippets are only available using the "#" icon. We would like to be able to change this to a different symbol that is quicker to type/access. i.e., "/ Lire la suite
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