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granthensel on Abril 22, 2017
Sometime a deal isn't lost, but saying it has a 10% win percentage chance is an overstatement. We have many deals in a long-term follow up stage that should be 0% chance of closing, realistically, to prevent them from clogging up our reporting. Leia mais
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Setembro 15, 2018
This is a no-brainer and I can't understand why this isn't possible. We can see through deal funnel reports the probability of a stage-to-win. At t...Leia mais
katie_collins on Outubro 20, 2017
Hi I have successfully customised the deal stages but the percentage options are very restrictive and I dont seem to be able to customise them. I want to make 25% and 5% and 0% but dont have those options - is this possible? Thanks Kati Leia mais
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Setembro 15, 2018
It is not. We have a paid account.
jewsbur0 on Janeiro 10, 2018
Hi guys, I find the desktop notifications from Sidekick really annoying. Especially on long threads where multiple people will open an email. If I want to know if someone's opened my email, I can simply go into that contact's profile. I kno Leia mais
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Janeiro 12, 2018
You can turn those notifications off. See this solved issue here: mais
golfpromal on Fevereiro 14, 2017
I use the meeting tool extensively in my business. All of my customer meetings are handled remotely and I use GoToMeeting for each. My HubSpot Meeting tool is connected to my Google Calendar, and my GoToMeeting instance is connected to my Google C Leia mais
106 avaliações positivas
52 Respostas
Janeiro 11, 2018
Agreed! This is the main reason that we do not use HubSpot meetings and use another vendor for our online scheduling. We have two major pain point...Leia mais
nina on Março 10, 2017
We have a pretty big sales team and we require them to respond to leads quickly to them being received. If a lead sits without a response for more than 15 minutes we are not doing our work the way we would like. We use a handful of workflows to dist Leia mais
183 avaliações positivas
80 Respostas
Janeiro 11, 2018
We have been trying to solve this for months now and cannot find an appropriate work around. Our answers from support are essentially hire more staf...Leia mais
Brendan_ on Dezembro 27, 2017
Is a feature to customize what days are recognized as non-business days being considered or developed? It'd be nice to set certain days to automatically skipped (not just weekends) when sending sequences.
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Janeiro 03, 2018
Agreed, had too many sequencial emails received on Christmas day this year. An orgnizational calendar that would allow you to specify holidays would...Leia mais
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