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Kristiina Öis

Hubspot guru for a growing saas scale-up in Norway.


Kristiina on April 25, 2023
As an admin i should be able to archive a property, to make sure our CRM is clean - but it is not possible if ANY user has used this property in a view. Instead I have to either: 1. create a new view exluding this property and save it, de Beitrag ansehen
4 Antworten
Rkeane on Juni 11, 2020
I am a HubSpotter submitting this on behalf of a customer. We are looking for the ability to blacklist a domain from contact creation across a range of tools (Email logging, forms, non-HS forms). Currently it is possible to block certain domains fro Beitrag ansehen
März 03, 2023
YES please, especially for email logging . We ofcourse need our sales reps and cs to log emails (via gmail integration) but as soon as they do, they...Beitrag ansehen
Kristiina on Februar 28, 2023
Today we are receiving account alerts/announcments in the header (top of the page) which are being flagged to all users. This is fine when letting know that something is not working as it should - but if it is something about account settings where Beitrag ansehen
AAyers88 on Januar 03, 2023
It's crazy to me that Hubspot doesn't have the option to make a contact or deal private. Hubspot has provided about four different workaround solutions but nothing that actually accomplishes this. With enterprise you can make certain properties priv Beitrag ansehen
Februar 16, 2023
@AAyers88 and @Setherson7 please upvote this idea, as it has more upvotes and is identical to this request 🙂 ansehen
TCollins on Oktober 08, 2020
At the moment the access controls are quite limited, and entirely on the user side, rather than the content side. The only controls are whether a user can see their contacts, their team's contacts, or all contacts. Sometimes you want a contact/c Beitrag ansehen
Februar 16, 2023
This idea wa sposted 2020 and has 79 upvotes - is it possible to get a status from Hubspot on where this fits to your roadmap? We are struggeling bi...Beitrag ansehen
TheeRichard on September 16, 2018
It would be nice to be able to reset the default property orders for all users under contacts, companies and deals. Some of our people set unique property field orders but we recently made some changes in the fields. Now, we have to update about Beitrag ansehen
40 Antworten
Januar 05, 2023
Blocker for us too, even if we ask sales reps to update this for themselves, they forget. So we need a possibility for an admin to go an overwrite th...Beitrag ansehen
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