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Lorenzo Ricci

La mia passione per l'informatica unita alla mia creatività mi hanno portato nel mondo della comunicazione digitale. In seguito al corso Fitstic sono subito entrato nel mondo del lavoro e da allora non ho smesso di evolvere le mie competenze. La varietà dei progetti affrontati in questi anni mi hanno dato la possibilità di crescere e ampliare le mie competenze. Cerco di rimanere informato sulle novità di questo mondo in continua trasformazione per offrire ai clienti la miglior consulenza possibile!


LorenzoRicci le Janvier 12, 2024
Give the option of archiving unused Workflows to hide them from the view of the full list of active or draft Workflows. It would come in handy for Workflows hooked to Pipelines that cannot be deleted.
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TCoughlan le Décembre 16, 2020
Can there be a way to change the current default filters in contact/company view so you can choose your most popular filters rather than having to find them under more filters and not have filters there that are rarely used.
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Mars 24, 2023
We need this customization for several clients. It would be ideal to handle custom filters such as displaying different profiles based on Teams. The ...Lire la suite
lien le Septembre 11, 2018
We currently have our website available in 8 languages, meaning we have various forms in 8 languages as well. Whenever we add / edit a Form Field label, we need to go in every single form and add the translated label. Ideally, we'd like to be Lire la suite
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Janvier 18, 2023
We need this feature for our clients enterprise that works wordlwide.
Nickdhutchinson le Juillet 30, 2020
It would really benefit our team if we would be able to share our dashboards with customers. I have tried the email function but unfortunately, it cuts half of the dashboard out. A live dashboard would be even better 🙂 Nick
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Décembre 28, 2022
Hi, I need this feature to incorporate my report into a custom portal that I provide to my clients. A function that allows me to export an iframe t...Lire la suite
AliHaddani le Février 15, 2021
Hello, is it possible to make associated companies required at the creation of a deal?
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Décembre 12, 2022
Thanks Karsten, I'll activate this beta in my all accounts 😄 Have a nice day, Lorenzo
dmccabe le Mai 05, 2020
Hi all, A suggestion for a future update would be having the ability to copy and paste a string of multiple email addresses into the 'TO' and 'CC' fields in emails. That is, a string of addresses like:;; test3 Lire la suite
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Septembre 14, 2022
It would be very useful if HubSpot recognized at least one separator. (";" - ",")
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