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mktgqueen le Mars 20, 2020
Our team would love to have an auto-rounding function for the Amount in the deal tab. We deal is some pretty large numbers for our deals (typically anywhere from $50k to over $1 million). If you could allow users (or admins) to set the auto-roundi Lire la suite
138 Mentions J'aime
47 Réponses
Juin 28, 2022
Just had this request again today by our CFO. Should be as simple as just adding a checkbox in the display options, right?
ybn le Octobre 22, 2020
It should be possible to import deals with line items
150 Mentions J'aime
67 Réponses
Novembre 22, 2021
Adding my +1 to this as well. This is definitely a needed feature.
sgagliano le Janvier 22, 2020
It would be valuable to be able to create proprties that are lookup values of records from other entities. As an example, On "Companies" I would like to be able to lookup a "Contact" where I could have the contact be a property on the company. The Lire la suite
229 Mentions J'aime
82 Réponses
Août 10, 2021
@AdamSand Hubspot's ABM setup works for some of these use cases, but otherwise, no. I'd love one, though! I've seen some people put the additiona...Lire la suite
matheusjiran le Août 31, 2020
It would be very useful to have an automatically calculated property ate the Product level that converts the Product Amount (or Total Contract Value) to the company currency. Just like there is the 'Amount in company currency' at the Deal level. Wh Lire la suite
47 Mentions J'aime
9 Réponses
Juillet 13, 2021
I also agree that this is a big problem with Hubspot. Being able to report rolled-up numbers at the company currency from the line item level is some...Lire la suite
drewspi le Août 13, 2020
I don't know. Let me take 5-7 clicks to find that out for you. Here's Camila showing me where I can find the user that created the deal record: Wouldn't it be Lire la suite
10 Mentions J'aime
3 Réponses
Novembre 18, 2020
Good god... how is this not already a thing? Please do this, but not just for deals - make it possible to report who created a record regardless of t...Lire la suite
AdamZoomin le Novembre 01, 2020
When you upload files to HubSpot via a landing page, email, social post, etc., the default File URL Visibility is "Public". I wouldn't want every image (or PDF) I upload to be indexed by search engines. Yes, we are now able to adjust this se Lire la suite
57 Mentions J'aime
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Novembre 18, 2020
This is huge. For years much of our content which is gated has been indexed by google and thus not actually gated if someone wanted to get around it....Lire la suite
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