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Arlo Gilbert

Building the future of data privacy


scottd on Outubro 03, 2018
It appears from the API Docs and searching the Dev forum that this API is available but not documented. It also appears according to the article below to not allow access to the content itself but rather a link. We would move our glossary, blog an Leia mais
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Novembro 16, 2023
5 years has gone by since this idea was discarded. From our conversations with their product team, it's clear that they have no intention of opening ...Leia mais
JamesClarke on Agosto 09, 2019
Where is it? Thanks!
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Novembro 16, 2023
4 years later, still no API. We stopped holding our breath and are just moving service away from hubspot. The service desk and knowledgebase products...Leia mais
jwebster_pt on Dezembro 23, 2021
We use AzureAD Integration for authenticaiton. AzureAD is configured with MFA. We do not need Hubspot MFA on top of AzureAD MFA. Please let administrators disble Hubspot MFA when they are using an SSO Integration, it is redundant and annoying to Leia mais
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Junho 27, 2023
HubSpot's security is definitely nowhere near our identity provider, they didn't even have SOC2 until recently (as a public company). Physical ha...Leia mais
arlogilbert on Junho 27, 2023
The current filtering across objects in workflows is ok for simple tasks, but often we need to select th correct associated record with some simple filters such as numeric or string comparisons. For example, if a company workflow uses additiona Leia mais
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arlogilbert on Outubro 07, 2022
Lots of property field types really should have the ability to set default values (e.g. checkbox, dropdown, radio, number). If we create a property such as "Has Trial Account" on a deal, the ability to default it to no/false would be incredibly Leia mais
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arlogilbert on Setembro 15, 2022
With the addition of presets and tokens, it has become even more imperative that administrators be able to programmatically set user properties. At a bare minimum, using the User Provisioning API, we should be able to set First Name & Last N Leia mais
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