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Stephanie Pounders


Frank on Janeiro 24, 2017
Hi there, we really need to run filters on dates using relative terms like "today", "yesterday" etc. -- Salesforce has this ability and it's extrememly useful: Currently, if we want Leia mais
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Julho 01, 2021
Is there any update to this functionality?
AJLaPorte_diagr on Outubro 10, 2017
You should create a connector for use with Google's DataStudio Application. This would help us create a more robust report for our users and we can leverage the statistics that HubSpot provides. Currently, other services like Databox can connect to Leia mais
356 avaliações positivas
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Fevereiro 22, 2021
I see this is "not currently planned" and its really frustrating to see that. Our company, like a lot of others, works primarily with Google Data Stu...Leia mais
etroiani on Outubro 06, 2020
You can now save time when creating workflows by cloning and moving workflow actions within a single workflow. Parts of a workflow may be repetitive, but with minor customizations. For example, say you want to create a deal, but assign it to differ Leia mais
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Dezembro 08, 2020
This is great, definitely an improvement that was needed. I suggest that the next phase should be the ability to select multiple actions to clone and...Leia mais
Jems212 on Janeiro 20, 2017
Basically for each property I want 3 options to choose from: 1) Update value if blank 2) Append to value 3) Overwrite value Sample use case(s): Append Option: Notes Field I have a comments field on my contact form where someone sends us a query. Leia mais
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Novembro 11, 2020
I saw the latest update from HS team and I'm not sure why this isn't being considered as a functionality. Its native to so many other competitors tha...Leia mais
aselekof on Novembro 07, 2017
We regularly need to export our emails to send to partnering companies to utilize in their own email management systems. Currently this entails manually removing Hubspot <div> tags and classes that are created from the HUBL templates. We n Leia mais
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Setembro 14, 2020
Why is this not possible? This is critical when working with 3rd parties to ensure brand consistency and something 3rd parties typically require.
DaveRowland on Janeiro 31, 2020
Hi there, I'm trying to identify the combined Hubspot Lead Score of contacts per company. We're starting an ABM plan and want to see what companies are engaged. At the moment this can only done by via contact filters. Would be great to f Leia mais
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Fevereiro 10, 2020
Currently, we use several third-party tools, Engagio and Terminus, to help us determine engagement / buying intent. Would much prefer to have this fu...Leia mais
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