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Riccardo Pisani

Marketing Automation Project Manager


RiccardoPisani on March 02, 2024
I'm excited to introduce SpheroBot, your go-to HubSpot AI assistant for all your questions and concerns. SpheroBot is powered by the latest updates and is trained extensively to provide you with accurate and timely information related to HubSpot. read more
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Augustus on March 01, 2024
Hi - I'm trying to build a calculated field that follows this logic like this: if([properties.dealstage] == "1234567", if([custom_property] == "Option 1 Condition","Option 1 Result",if([custom_property] == "Option 2 Condition","Option 2 Result", read more
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March 02, 2024
In HubSpot, when you want to account for an unknown or no value situation within a calculated field, especially in nested IF statements like yours, more
ARichman on March 01, 2024
Hi there, I recently started using Hubspot after a while and cannot for the life of me get any of the test emails I send to myself (on my two other email accounts) to track as open. They forever stay as 'sent'. I am 100% ticking the Track box s read more
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March 02, 2024
Firstly, it's great that you're making sure to tick the Track box, as that's a crucial step. Since you're still facing issues, here are a few things more
RiccardoPisani on April 08, 2020
Hi there hubspotters - Multicheckbox properties are handy - you can add up to 1k values per contact! If you set values with Workflows, you can only append or cleanse - would be great to have the possibility to remove one tag from the property - read more
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February 02, 2024
to the all the ones that added a +1 here, pls share this in your organizations so that we can reach a higher # of comments and upvotes! This feature more
RiccardoPisani on July 31, 2023
Hi there HubSpotters 🤖 At the moment we can send conversion events based only on: 1) Form submissions 2) Lifecycle stages Sometimes, these 2 conditions are not enough. It would be great having the possibility to add multiple conditions whe read more
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RiccardoPisani on December 07, 2022
Dear HubSpotters 🤖 , in the past we had the possibility so see all the points in time when a contact list was modified directly on the trend line of the list perfomance within the performance tab. It was so convenient since we could easily spot read more
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December 08, 2022
Yes @karstenkoehler , markers were a sort of change history within the performance chart - you could hover on that marker to learn what happened more
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