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Ray Gregson

My name is Ray Gregson, and I am a Digital Marketing and Sales Consultant and the owner at Digital Krewe. It is my purpose to help others and ignite their passion so that we can live a fulfilled life. A few years ago, I found myself reviewing several years of organic history for a dentist who changed marketing companies every couple of years. The dental marketing companies had not completed the tasks to accomplish the goals stated in the proposals. It was frustrating! After that, I knew there was a better way for dental practitioners to grow their businesses. Let’s face it, traditional web design and marketing are broken. That’s why I developed Digital Krewe – a holistic, transparent, and data-driven digital marketing solution to the current broken process you have now. By simply prioritizing initiatives to launch quicker, measure results, and gather data, we’ve minimized the pitfalls of traditional digital marketing, happening every couple of years during a website re-design. And with years of the traditional approach not working, we know Growth-Driven Digital Marketing will be the new gold standard for delivering results and bringing measurable business value to your practice.


SDompre on February 03, 2022
Hey all! I'm trying to sync my contact list of each webinar to HubSpot, but I can't find how to tag them to identify who went to which webinar, since in the future they will automatically sync, Any idea? 😊
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February 04, 2022 18:53
Hi @SDompre , I would import the Zoom information before your contacts are able to register for any future webinars. This way, you have the more
rdepuydt on February 04, 2022
I use gmail and it is tied to my work email address. When I send a meeting invite, it shows it coming from my gmail account instead of my work email address. Can I change this?
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February 04, 2022 17:50
Hi @rdepuydt , Check your user profile and preference settings here . How is your Gmail tied to your work email? Is your work email more
YAydin on February 03, 2022
Hi, I have set up an email channel within my conversations inbox. When I get an email is there a way to edit the subject? We are getting the emails from a lead generation website and the subjects aren't really meant for the customers eyes which is w read more
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February 03, 2022 21:19
Hi @YAydin , This is currently not possible, unfortunately. Other users have requested the same before, see here: Adding a Subject Line to more
EPTurner1999 on February 03, 2022
Hi all! My team has recently started using Hubspot and I have a few general syncing questions. First, is there a way to connect your ENTIRE inbox to HubSpot so that emails sent and recieved before the program was implemented are found in inbox? Or a read more
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February 03, 2022 17:00
Hi @EPTurner1999 , Hubspot will not sync historic emails and calls, but there's an app for that. 😊 However, there are data management more
GSandor on February 02, 2022
New to report building. I'd like to create a pivot table in Custom Report Builder that highlights my teams average dials made per target account (deal), and another report that highlights my teams average emails made per target account (deal). read more
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February 02, 2022 06:14
Hi @GSandor , Have you viewed the Reports Library and filtered by sales activity, sales email, or target accounts? There are a lot of premade more
ADeane5 on February 01, 2022
When I try to login to my account and enter in the code I'm emailed I get the following error message: I've followed the steps in the suggested article multiple times and it still doesn't work. Any suggestions?
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Guide | Diamond Partner
February 01, 2022 21:15
Hi @ , Try login on any other browser or as @digitalkrewe suggested, try it in incognito mode. Hope this helps! If we were able to more
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