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Carreen Gibbons

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RJH147 en Diciembre 12, 2019
I was shocked today to find out that using the function in the file manager to 'Replace' an image does in fact do nothing of the sort! Rather than replacing the image in all of its applications within the system, it instead creates a duplicate u Leer más
Junio 13, 2022
This really needs to be fixed. This happens when I replace the image at the file level, instead of just using a different image on a different URL ...Leer más
susanmartin2006 en Julio 21, 2020
I'd like to see the ability to filter the calendar or list of scheduled social posts based on select profiles. I run the social profiles for 2 individual companies (same owners, different branding). I'd like to be able to see all the posts (FB, LI, Leer más
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Octubre 08, 2021
Hi, @susanmartin2006 You may have realized this by now, but you CAN do this in LIST view, it just doesn't carry over when you switch to Calendar...Leer más
cgibbons en Octubre 05, 2021
I manage multiple brands for our company, each with a Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter account. Selecting a default account means that when I use "create a post," it always pulls the defaults up when I post. The problem is, some days I'm working in o Leer más
TRUSTben en Septiembre 20, 2017
Hello, I, and I'm sure others, think it would be more beneficial to have the default hyperlink option in blogs to be having them open in a new window. As of now, the default is to have the links open in the same window and therefore prompts visi Leer más
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Enero 05, 2021
HubSpot keeps replying about this being a "sub-optimal user experience," which, sorry, not-sorry, is BS. The optimal user experience would be for the...Leer más
Stellaivano en Abril 11, 2019
Good morning. When building chatbots, it would be great to edit the quick replies added under a message for two reasons: 1. Right now I have to delete it and add it again (and it would be added after the last one). 2. I can't move the quick re Leer más
98 Me gusta
39 Respuestas
Septiembre 29, 2020
HubSpot - Please make this change! Drag and drop ordering would be great, but just the ability to edit the responses would save so much time. If I no...Leer más
Cnadler en Septiembre 20, 2017
It would be great if HubSpot could add the ability to tag users on LinkedIn in the social puclishing tool.
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Febrero 06, 2020
Let LinkedIn know your users are still asking. We need this!!!
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