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Alyssa Wilie

I’m a web developer, Texan born, and currently living in Waco. I've been coding for around 15 years and working mainly in the Hubspot CMS for the past 8 or so. Currently I am employed as a Web Developer at the marketing agency Lynton, so check us out at if you're looking to hire some experts for your Hubspot website.


alyssamwilie on Februar 19, 2024
If you’re building custom modules for HubSpot’s drag-and-drop email builder it can be advantageous to know the classes and styling HubSpot uses for the generated layouts. It will let you target the generated content, but more importantly, allow you Beitrag ansehen
JLittle2 on Februar 14, 2024
I've been working on some css to change the look of our forms. I'm currently trying to get rid of this odd drop shadow that is inside our form fields - it only shows along the top and left side of the fields. Has anyone seen this before? Where Beitrag ansehen
1 Antwort
Trendsetter/-in | Elite Partner
Februar 14, 2024
You didn't add a border-style. By default some browsers add an "inset" border style to form fields so that's what you're seeing there.
AIsmail12 on Februar 13, 2024
Hi, I'm working on email templates and trying to get product info with "Line items" in deals. Like:- Product title, Image, SKU, and product URL. Now, I'm using this code. Nothing is visible in the email. https://p Beitrag ansehen
3 Antworten
Trendsetter/-in | Elite Partner
Februar 14, 2024
Sending a test email to yourself won't work as it has to go through a workflow set up in a way for it to know what deal to process (since users can h...Beitrag ansehen
HarryMeise on Februar 13, 2024
Hello. Would it be possible to make attachments in emails (in contacts, tickets and inbox) downloadable? Images embedded directly in the email can also be recognized. Always in a separate tab and then downloading with the right mouse button Beitrag ansehen
Trendsetter/-in | Elite Partner
Februar 14, 2024
@HarryMeise Ah, that makes soooo much more sense. Thanks for clarifying.
batuhanacargm on Februar 14, 2024
Greetings, Default class for DatePicker element is as below <a class="DatePicker__StyledSkipNav... SEO recommends following the below format <a class=" "... And the error we're experiencing i Beitrag ansehen
Trendsetter/-in | Elite Partner
Februar 14, 2024
These Meeting calendars are rendered in an iFrame so there's unfortunately nothing that can be done to change it due to the nature of iFrames. It's b...Beitrag ansehen
JeremyValley on Februar 14, 2024
Hi, Everytime I try to upload a file either through Landing page link file, or via Email File Manager, it provides an error. This happens with different type of files and sizes. """"" There was an error uploading your file The file "whatevernam Beitrag ansehen
10 Antworten
Trendsetter/-in | Elite Partner
Februar 14, 2024
I've actually been running into this issue as well. Weird thing is when I go back to the file manager the file actually did upload even though it s...Beitrag ansehen
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