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Janey Lee


mrspabs on Fevereiro 14, 2023
Google Ads data is currently part of the activity stream. It would be great if the Campaign, Ad Group and Keyword could be automatically written to properties like this Latest Google Ad Campaign Latest Google Ad Group Latest Google Ad Keyw Leia mais
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_Kevin on Abril 07, 2017
Add a filter for Salesforce campaign member status within a Workflow or List.
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Novembro 23, 2022
@brandy_asplundh Id like to try your suggestion of syncing to a custom object, but I would like more guidance, is there a specific blog or help doc...Leia mais
Jameel on Maio 24, 2018
When using the Inbox feature, each item must be opened individually. Multiple selections and batch actions are not available (example for closing batch emails or assigning in bulk) The individual action only results is an extremely tedious an Leia mais
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Setembro 30, 2022
I need to be able to bulk move conversations from one inbox to another and I need to be able to reassign owners in bulk. Use case: a support re...Leia mais
andrew_thomas on Julho 15, 2022
Currently I can only filter for contacts' on first or last touch converting campaign if I use the "internal name" for a campaign. This is not easy to use (I can't find this value on the campaign, so I have to go to a contact who converted and find t Leia mais
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Setembro 26, 2022
I need to this too. I'd like to be able to use campaign names in my filters for workflows and lists. For instance, if campaign name contains "...Leia mais
Champion on Julho 11, 2021
In order to build trust and further engage your audience, you need to send the right information at the right time. Keeping this in mind, what's your recommendation on a successful frequency for sending marketing emails? Please elaborate as to why Leia mais
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Agosto 24, 2022
Once a week at most. But its also important to remember to email at least once every 6 months or get them out of your database. I learned the hard wa...Leia mais
mrspabs on Julho 05, 2022
Is there a way to find contacts where the property was once "known" but is now blank? I'd like to use the fact that a property was once filled in, but now blank, in a workflow.
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