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Aly Lambert


hseligson on Junho 02, 2023
We are sunsetting the Legacy CTAs (Call-To-Action) app and migrating it into a new CTA 2.0 editor tool beginning June 15, 2023 . This sunset will consist of two parts: Sunsetting the Legacy CTAs editor. Sunsetting the Legacy CTA assets. P Leia mais
2 avaliações positivas
36 Respostas
Setembro 20, 2023
When will the functionality to change button width be added? We're running into issues with the extremely limited character count truncating 3-word p...Leia mais
TAIemn on Setembro 11, 2017
I would love the ability to archive a campaign. I want to keep the information associated with it, but I want to keep a clean view of currently running campaigns or only be able to associate assets with current campaigns.
65 avaliações positivas
25 Respostas
Agosto 23, 2023
@hubspot - any update on this? We have more than 300 campaigns going back as far as 2015 that we want to retain the data/asset links for, but don't...Leia mais
Rangrachel on Junho 07, 2023
Hi team! I'm writing this feature request on behalf of a customer. They have different HubSpot Teams however, every now and then multiple Teams have to work with the same contact. For instance, if Team A is working for Agency A. There are times when Leia mais
16 avaliações positivas
1 Respostas
Junho 26, 2023
Yes please! We have multiple departments responsible for stewarding leads throughout the pipeline and all need visibility into the record. Please mak...Leia mais
MusicMarketer78 on Junho 14, 2023
We’re hiring! Are you an experienced marketing specialist who enjoys creating, supporting, and optimizing audience-centric and actionable digital marketing campaigns? If you are, learn more about the growth marketing specialist role and how you wil Leia mais
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Shay on Abril 10, 2017
Migrated from legacy feedback forum with 20 votes. Wasn't sure where to put this one since CTAs are available across the platform. However, we often create visual CTAs that contain text. Even though we save them at 144dpi, the system automatic Leia mais
16 avaliações positivas
14 Respostas
Abril 18, 2023
HubSpot - please provide resolution on this. Without quality CTA buttons, marketing is ineffective.
Cecelia6668 on Abril 07, 2021
When pull in a saved CTA button in emails, it shows up blurry/low quality. But if I use the drag/drop editor and pull in a button and create it from scratch for every email, it's crisp. Seen below, top CTA is one I made/saved, bottom is one I create Leia mais
6 avaliações positivas
2 Respostas
Abril 18, 2023
HubSpot - any updates on using custom buttons and addressing the blurry images?
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