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gerentemercadeo le Avril 27, 2020
Hello, it seems to me that the tool of being able to upload the products to the CRM and having a platform for quotes is very functional and useful for the needs of each one of us as clients. I think that an improvement that could be had is tha Lire la suite
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Avril 15, 2024
+1 – this is a MUST have, especially now, when HubSpot is adding Commerce Hub. How can you do commerce without available quantities!
RafiPN le Août 24, 2017
Often times we enter fake data into our own form to test workflows or we get spammed with fake accounts. I'd like the ability to delete form submissions so they don't impact the metrics.
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Janvier 12, 2024
@TylerG fields with contact details are still shown in the form submissions, if a contact has been removed. This is extremely sensitive, if you hav...Lire la suite
kikidee125 le Octobre 27, 2022
In the Beta version, there is no way to add data validation to HubSpot's default Postal Code property. This option is currently grayed out saying the field cannot be edited. This should either be editable or should default to a minimum of 5 digits. Lire la suite
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Janvier 11, 2024
We need validation options for all form elements. At least, it would be best, if we could add our own validation scripts directly via the form editor...Lire la suite
daniloguerra le Août 02, 2021
Today, we can only send communication (email marketing) to either contacts or companies, however, I have some use cases that I need to create a custom object called channel partners that CAN be neither contact nor a company by definition. And by hav Lire la suite
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Août 28, 2023
magmar le Janvier 12, 2023
Hi everyone, we need an alternative to Google reCaptcha to protect forms from spam. This is due to the fact, that most of our client's data protection officers disallow the usage of Google reCaptcha in the GDPR region. We had to switch off reCaptch Lire la suite
cullenwebster le Octobre 11, 2021
Our team is needing a way to limit which units a particular user or team is assigned to. For example, if we have a team member who does support for one of our units and not another, I need to find a way to limit their access only to the unit they su Lire la suite
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Décembre 16, 2022
We need this feature for Christmas!
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