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Ruurd Heijting


tmitch_sona on Novembro 15, 2022
Hi - I am finding it quite restrictive that you can't filter in a format like 'date field A' is before (or after) 'date field B' - you can only compare one or the other by a static date value. Please can we enhance advanced reports to allow this kin Leia mais
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Abril 20, 2024
Hi! Totally agree. FYI: there's a master idea that also covers this request. Please upvote there 🙂
SBenish on Setembro 26, 2022
When a contact completes Workflow A, the action will be for the contact to enter Workflow B. Is this considered a 'Manual' entry into Workflow B or do I need to add an 'Enrollment Trigger' to the beginning of Workflow B? This workflow connection wi Leia mais
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Abril 10, 2024
Hi @christopher-RVO & @karstenkoehler , Thanks for this solution. However... If I don't set any triggers for workflow B, then contacts wo...Leia mais
Ruurd on Fevereiro 23, 2024
The current limit of 5.000 values in a dropdown is not always sufficient to ensure standardised data. We want to use the value in City to pull in demographics of that city from external sources (like 'Number of Inhabitants'). For this we need a Leia mais
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holodan on Abril 13, 2021
Hello, I am looking for a company property which sums up the score for all associated contacts. But unfortunately, it is not possible to build a calculation including other properties except the ones of the same object. It would be very useful t Leia mais
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Fevereiro 01, 2024
Agree! I'd like to count deals with a date in a custom date property that is between 2 date fields that are on the contact. I can count deals associa...Leia mais
TH7 on Março 23, 2023
Would like to be able to roll up minimum or maximum dates from child to parent. Would also like to flag the record as being included in the calculated field so they can be enrolled in workflows. For example: Which contact has the Minimum Leia mais
12 avaliações positivas
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Dezembro 22, 2023
Would be amazing to have the date of the first and last deal on the contact, using a custom date property on the deal, without any coding. Our deals ...Leia mais
emhall810 on Janeiro 20, 2021
Similar to how Hubspot allows you to create required fields for when a deal moves along a pipeline, I want to create required fields when a contact changes Lifecycle Stages from a Lead to an MQL, SQL, Opportunity, etc. Also, if a contacts Lead S Leia mais
38 avaliações positivas
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Dezembro 16, 2023
This would be super helpful. Our Sales Agents need the rights to change LCS on their own, but they should do so only when certain properties are know...Leia mais
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