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Yulianna Rodriguez


Champion on Julho 11, 2021
Inbound is all about making your company easy to find for the people who need your help. But before you can do that, you need to understand the job your company was founded to do. So why was your company founded? What mission was it created to fulf Leia mais
193 avaliações positivas
844 Respostas
Fevereiro 05, 2023
My company’s purpose is to make others feel beautiful in their own skin. As makeup artists, it’s all we want to make someone feel confident in their ...Leia mais
Champion on Julho 11, 2021
The flywheel represents your company as a whole, but you’ll still have funnel-shaped charts and graphs representing the effectiveness of different processes within your company, and it’s important to make sure those funnels are fueling your flywhee Leia mais
252 avaliações positivas
773 Respostas
Fevereiro 05, 2023
Happy customers bring good energy and good flow. If there are bad customers they can slow down your flywheel and stop your growth. Once customers dec...Leia mais
YRodriguez8 on Janeiro 29, 2023
While watching the instructed video on what is Inbound. I have learned that inbound is something super important in the business world. "Inbound is a philosophy based around helping people." inbound is about creating good relationships and a better Leia mais
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Champion on Junho 29, 2021
One of the best ways to learn inbound is by implementing strategies and sharing ideas with other professionals, just like you. That’s why we’re so excited to create this community of inbound professionals to learn and grow better together! To get Leia mais
205 avaliações positivas
3096 Respostas
Janeiro 29, 2023
Hi my name is Yulianna. My current role is working for CSUN as a student assistant for the Communications Dept. also working for PCMR Construction In...Leia mais
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