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amyheng le Juillet 11, 2017
Hi everyone, I would like to suggest that HubSpot's CRM/Sales platform require validations for fields. For example, my company wants to setup a validation rule so that a company name must start with a capital letter, or emails and first/la Lire la suite
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Avril 13, 2023
I was also surprised to find that you can set limits on properties (eg: character limitations and restrictions), but they do not apply to form submis...Lire la suite
Paula le Septembre 02, 2022
We've requested Payments be made available in Australia, but only ever see statements like, "we can't guarantee when...". It's great that busnesses based in the US have been able to benefit with the use of this feature; don't you think it's time Lire la suite
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larry99 le Juillet 27, 2018
You should be able to send marketing emails to the secondary email address field. We market primarily to couples who each have their own email address but are really one customer. As it stands now, you can only send marketing emails like newslette Lire la suite
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Juin 22, 2022
Upvote! Need this feature; some clients send staff EDMs and often their staff members' work emails are replaced by their personal emails when the...Lire la suite
KLeVoyer le Juillet 23, 2021
According to : Only the locations of video and image files are indexed and showed in the File details panel. The locations of other types of files, such as PDF, are no Lire la suite
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Juin 03, 2022
I'm going to add this here as it's the only somewhat relevant one I can find. If any type of file is used in smart module content, File Manager ...Lire la suite
polle le Avril 26, 2020
In our experience, LinkedIn posts from our employees' personal profiles gain far more traction than company posts. Through HubSpot, it is currently not possible to post videos in personal posts - this is only an option in Company Page posts. Thi Lire la suite
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Mai 06, 2022
Hey @roisinkirby - tagging you for a look at this since you responded to some other ideas on posting video to socials. Hoping you can give us some ...Lire la suite
CamiG le Janvier 21, 2021
Hi all, I thought it would be nice to add, in the social media individual page, an option for posting videos. HubSpot does not currently have this feature, it is only possible to post a picture. It can be one of your product plans in the ne Lire la suite
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Mai 06, 2022
Hey @CamiG - you might like to add your upvote here and follow this one: la suite
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