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AlexP-Two en Noviembre 16, 2022
Hi Community! Has anyone out there found a way to link up sales navigator or plain linkedin messages to be logged as an activity automatically at deal or contact level? I currently have the plug in installed, my team can send in-mails directly Leer más
7 Me gusta
5 Respuestas
Diciembre 13, 2023
This feature is critical for establishing an activity baseline for our sales reps.
JAmetller en Septiembre 19, 2021
Feature Request: When using LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration, be able to log LinkedIn messages into Hubspot, wether those are from a LinkedIn chat or LinkedIn Sales Navigator chat. The messages could be automatically logged-in with an automated Leer más
209 Me gusta
58 Respuestas
Diciembre 12, 2023
This feature is really important to my team and means we have to look for 3rd party solutions. It would be so much simpler to just have an integratio...Leer más
esundance en May 12, 2017
I have month-to-month contracts and would like to be able to duplicate a Deal so I don't have to enter the same info each month.
208 Me gusta
91 Respuestas
Noviembre 14, 2023
Waiting for this functionality. We don't want to add 3rd party tools to our Hubspot but we need a way to duplicate deals and copy over information fo...Leer más
jlin2045 en Junio 14, 2023
It would be nice to have the option to trigger a workflow based on if a quote has been published or not. We are trying to tie this to "deal stage" and have the stage listed as "quote issued" automatically.
6 Me gusta
5 Respuestas
Noviembre 14, 2023
This would also be helpful for my team for us to know how many quotes have been published in the last month
Pasqual en Abril 29, 2021
I find very handy the feature to clone a quote. For me is especially useful when you have a similar quote that you need to redo. My problem is that when I need to clone, a quote is not for the same deal. Let me try to explain: 1) I crea Leer más
77 Me gusta
36 Respuestas
Noviembre 10, 2023
This needs to be a feature!! We have a use case for this and it's causing significant reporting and customer experience problems for us whenever it h...Leer más
Rangrachel en Junio 03, 2021
Once a quote has been created, its deal association can no longer changed. For example, if I were to create Quote A, it was originally associated with Deal B. However, we only realized that it was associating to the wrong deal after the quote has be Leer más
131 Me gusta
64 Respuestas
Noviembre 10, 2023
Is there any update on this? I have had this problem several times now with sales people creating a quote attached to the wrong deal and we can't fix...Leer más
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