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Jori Anderson


haslinsaid on Julho 20, 2022
1. How you handle customer if he/she really mad at you because have problem with their things/product? 2. How you manage your life as sales representive?
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Julho 21, 2022
Great question! I empathize with them and explain to them that I'm only human, so I make mistakes too. But the good thing is we have an opportuni...Leia mais
JenWeiss on Julho 19, 2022
You read that right! It's with utmost excitement to say that we have hit the 100-member mark!! 🎉 StudentSpot was started to provide a home for lifelong learners to have a space for engaging content. Such as networking advice, an Leia mais
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Julho 21, 2022
Let's Goooo!!! 😁
GWestley on Julho 05, 2022
Hey team, I wanted to introduce myself on this group as it is where I shall be spending most of my time. I operate the sales for a company called Helios Retreats. I have recently purchased Hubspot sales and marketing to improve lead journey and Leia mais
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Julho 11, 2022
Hi @GWestley & @MrJustinGivens What you both are saying resonates with me, I'm used to being face-to-face with leads, reading body language,...Leia mais
kvlschaefer on Junho 23, 2022
Are you just getting started with LinkedIn Ads? Social Media Today & LinkedIn Marketing Solutions recently shared this checklist to create a successful LinkedIn Campaign. Here is a summary of the steps: 1) Account Set-up 2) Cam Leia mais
Junho 24, 2022
Great post, this post and the accompanied article gave me insight into how to setup and run a LinkedIn ad campaign. And now it's time to work, I'...Leia mais
kvlschaefer on Junho 15, 2022
How often should I post on Instagram? That's a common question we hear from marketers and content creators. If you don't post enough, you're missing out on a chance to engage with your audience. If you post too much, you can lose followers. A Leia mais
Junho 21, 2022
It's interesting that you mention, the frequency of posting on social media. I've experienced firsthand how if you post too much you can lose follow...Leia mais
BK0 on Junho 14, 2022
Hello all, I'm new to this application. Where can I find the updated Instagram algorithm?
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Junho 16, 2022
@JennWeis @BK0 I'm a little late, but this is great information. #themoreyouknow
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