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Amir Wagih

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mbarba on February 16, 2022
Here at HubSpot, we define Revenue Operations, or RevOps, as the people, processes, systems, and data that control how your business generates revenue. That means that if you work at an organization that generates revenue, read more
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May 05, 2022
The act that aims to maximize an organization's revenue potential.
TiphaineCuisset on May 05, 2022
Please join us in congratulating @karstenkoehler on 4000 Accepted Solutions in the HubSpot Community. Yes. You all saw it coming. Today is the day we announce another milestone for Community Champion @karstenkoehler . Karsten c read more
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May 05, 2022
A real champion you are @karstenkoehler ! Congratulations on reaching this milestone and we all appreciate your contributions.
KyleJepson on July 11, 2021
Sales processes vary a lot from industry to industry and even team to team. Do you have a long sales cycle with lots of steps, or is your sales process simple and transactional? Maybe it's somewhere in between. Share the number of steps in your pro read more
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May 03, 2022
7 stages
JorieMunroe on July 11, 2021
As a social media marketer, it’s crucial you determine which platforms you’re going to share your content on. There’s not necessarily a right or wrong answer when it comes to which social channels your business should use — it’s more about the need read more
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April 29, 2022
Facebook & Instagram.
JorieMunroe on July 11, 2021
As a marketer, CTAs are relevant because they encourage your audience to take action on a marketing campaign. Below are a few examples of the types of CTAs you might use in marketing materials: Try for free. Nearly every company w read more
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April 29, 2022
Using smart content to personalize CTAs is an effective practice.
JorieMunroe on July 11, 2021
Buyer personas can be created through research, surveys, and interviews — all with a mix of customers, prospects, and those outside your contacts database who might align with your target audience. But like all data, even information you g read more
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April 29, 2022
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