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Lotem Hayun

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LaurenCarey le Avril 25, 2022
This thread will be your place for all new information, updates, and announcement about World Certification Week 2022. Here, we'll share new events, opportunities to connect, reminders, and more.
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HubSpot Employee
Mai 02, 2022
Have you joined our study groups? We want to make sure you have all the support and resources you need to get certified during World ...Lire la suite
LaurenCarey le Avril 11, 2022
Welcome to the World Certification Week group! We are so glad you're here. Learning with others is even better! Introduce yourself and connect with other learners from around the world. Please copy this template and add your o Lire la suite
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HubSpot Employee
Avril 12, 2022
👋🏻 Hi, my name is Lotem. Nice to meet you! 🌎 I'm based in San Francisco, California 💻 I'm a Senior Growth Marketing Manager...Lire la suite
JorieMunroe le Juillet 11, 2021
As a social media marketer, it’s crucial you determine which platforms you’re going to share your content on. There’s not necessarily a right or wrong answer when it comes to which social channels your business should use — it’s more about the need Lire la suite
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HubSpot Employee
Mars 18, 2022
I'm currently using LinkedIn and Facebook the most, but would like to mention that I've used Pinterest as a social media marketing channel before and...Lire la suite
JorieMunroe le Juillet 11, 2021
In order to convert more leads from your email marketing, you have to first get your readers to open your emails, and click through on them. This is why, as email marketers, we’re all but obsessed with our open rates and clickthrough rates -- becau Lire la suite
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HubSpot Employee
Mars 18, 2022
My take on optimizin emails is to continue the process nonstop. When we are reaching a certing click/open rate it doesn't neceserliny means that's ...Lire la suite
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