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Nitin Mehta


JonPayne on Junho 29, 2021
It’s a tale as old as time (well, since the 1990’s) - the IT team and the sales team not communicating effectively. But when they do get on, the combination can really light a fire under the growth of the business. How have you overcome (or seen pe Leia mais
8 avaliações positivas
23 Respostas
Dezembro 29, 2021
Sales vs IT... Godzilla vs KingKong...even top management is in a tough referee spot to resolve matters if at the core there is disagreement. So, it ...Leia mais
JonPayne on Junho 29, 2021
It’s a tough question - often there are many in the business who don’t want to publish pricing and sometimes there are good reasons not to, how do you choose if you should share your pricing online? And if you do, how do you display it on your webs Leia mais
8 avaliações positivas
30 Respostas
Dezembro 24, 2021
Surely if its a straight forward offering amd doesn't involve too many variables...Pricing or some level of ballpark estimate (incase of many variabl...Leia mais
JonPayne on Junho 29, 2021
There’s many benefits to finding your personas on social media - from understanding what’s topical to learning how they describe their problems and even reaching out to start the relationship. Join the discussion to share ideas on how to find and m Leia mais
10 avaliações positivas
33 Respostas
Dezembro 20, 2021
Its critical these days to not sell sell but rather to educate and be a thought leader who draws out clear content of real life pains and attaches st...Leia mais
JonPayne on Junho 29, 2021
Online or offline, it’s hard to get everyone to arrive on time for internal meetings. The best leaders know this is essential to make the most of your time together. What’s the best incentive to get people in the room on time, every time? Leia mais
7 avaliações positivas
45 Respostas
Dezembro 19, 2021
Whats worked to build excitement is to have a practice to 'make the first 5mins the most interesting'...topics like key announcements, news, industry...Leia mais
JonPayne on Junho 29, 2021
You’ve clarified your vision and done your research but you’re still not quite 100% ready to share it with your team. See some of the methods professionals like you have used to check if their goals are achievable, and maybe share your goals and se Leia mais
16 avaliações positivas
67 Respostas
Dezembro 17, 2021
Indeed, BHAG becomes the goto approach to put some Soul back into the thought process... thanks for highlighting the book and office hours...have reg...Leia mais
JonPayne on Dezembro 10, 2021
Spaces are limited so please book your free ticket now Hit reply and ask your question, or send me a private message if you prefer. We'll answer all the questions below on the call 🤓 💗
Dezembro 17, 2021
For young & SME tech companies there is a growing need for Sales Engineering aka PreSales team to be the 3rd critical pillar besides sales and ma...Leia mais
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