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Jonathan Stevens

As a Product Specialist at hapily - I love to help others get more out of HubSpot by utilizing apps from the HubSpot marketplace. If you have any questions about automating associations, cloning deals, timing tickets/deals, or even how to integrate Stripe and HubSpot - I'm here to help!


elisestieren on Junho 09, 2023
Hi there, We have the automation setting that associate contacts with companies turned off. Our CRM is salesforce and at present we do not want Hubspot to create new account records. The only contacts asscociating with companies are salesforce Leia mais
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Junho 14, 2023
@LaurenRyan thanks for the Associ8 shout here! Hey @elisestieren ! I'm part of the team, hapily, that built and supports Associ8 which han...Leia mais
andy_gh on Maio 10, 2023
Hello! I have created a custom object in my Hubspot instance and I'm trying to use this as a parent ticket of various tickets that are a similar issue. I'm now looking for a NodeJS code that will allow me to search issues within this custom obje Leia mais
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Maio 17, 2023
Hey @andy_gh ! This isn't a NodeJS code for creating associations, but we have an app, Associ8 , that allows for automatic associations via...Leia mais
PAtlan on Abril 06, 2022
I have a custom object ("Site") to which I will associate contacts. The custome object is also associated with a "Company" object (The Site is a Company Branch, basically). I'm thinking of making a workflow to ensure that contacts associated wit Leia mais
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Abril 03, 2023
Hey @NivaDonga , if you are referring to ASsoci8 - you can use Associ8 in both Standard and Custom Object based workflows! The Associ8 action...Leia mais
AWalker0 on Março 20, 2023
Hi there, Just getting started with Hubspot and Stripe. I have a few paying subscribers in Stripe - but I can't figure out where this shows up in Hubspot. I've synced Stripe with Hubspot using the integration and can see a few Invoices in Hu Leia mais
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Março 20, 2023
Thanks for the tag @PamCotton ! @AWalker0 repeating what Pam said, there are two different integrations each with a different purpose. ...Leia mais
JGood on Janeiro 25, 2023
Hi everyone, I'm looking to move some data in Stripe into Hubspot so I can track paid attribution for our ad spend and to track revenue associated with a sales team. I'm curious to know what tools folks have used to do this. I see a number of f Leia mais
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Fevereiro 01, 2023
Hey, @JGood there are a couple of different options out there and @jolle is spot on with Zapier which allows you to build a fairly simple connect...Leia mais
RM88 on Dezembro 01, 2022
We are in the process of migrating our CRM to Hubspot. We run regular monthly direct debit payment collection and wanted to know how this would work well with Hubspot. Is there any recommended direct debit service providers that can manage t Leia mais
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Dezembro 28, 2022
Jumping in here as I work closely with both Stripe and HubSpot. @RM88 Using Stripe as your primary payment process offers a bunch of flexibi...Leia mais
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