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Kamlesh Munda

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DwiP le Janvier 07, 2020
Currently, in HubSpot, we can upload files from Google Drive as attachments in the Deal Record. However, users is not able to select Shared Drives in the Google Drive. It would be beneficial if there would be an improved functionality where user wo Lire la suite
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Novembre 30, 2022
This 2 min video can help you solve this issue : I have connected the Shared Drives from Google Drive inside HubSpot ...Lire la suite
TSR le Juillet 02, 2018
Hi All, We have recently been experimenting with all the HubSpot tools and they seem to be working well for us, But a big issue we have found is the inability to use our custom domains we have added as the link for our Document tracking and attac Lire la suite
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Novembre 30, 2022
CloudFiles can help you share files with links in this format. ( Sample link: This sh...Lire la suite
Yoshi le Septembre 10, 2017
Currently, when files are sahred, the file can be downloaded by everyone who got shared with that specific document. However, there are certain times that we would not want the files to be shared. Thus, it would be great if we have an option t Lire la suite
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Novembre 15, 2022
Hi Everyone. Your requirement to share files with downloads disabled can be solved by using CloudFiles. Once you install the CloudFiles app from the...Lire la suite
kbialy le Janvier 29, 2018
Our sales team has switched over to using the Sales Pro Document tool to send document links to their clients via email. This is a really great tool however, outside of the document view window it's not possible to extract names and create a list an Lire la suite
288 Mentions J'aime
107 Réponses
Novembre 15, 2022
Hi Everyone. This can easily be easily solved using CloudFiles’ “file viewed event”, based on time viewed, download status, or the number of views, ...Lire la suite
MERaby le Octobre 12, 2021
Hi HubSpot Community! As a content manager, I am always looking to improve my company's documents so that they fit the needs of the people who could benefit from our expertise. To do so, I think it would be useful to be able to consult a heatmap s Lire la suite
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1 Réponse
Octobre 22, 2021
Hi @MERaby , you should try out CloudFiles . It's a HubSpot certified integration that will give you info on the viewer engagement of your document...Lire la suite
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