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Alysha Dominico

Alysha Dominico is CEO & Co-Founder of Tangible Words, a Growth Agency. Alysha is a highly trained sales person, has been a finalist for Entrepreneur of the Year and has led the company from a 1 person service provider to a 15-person agency. Tangible Words serves sales, marketing & customer service departments who feel overwhelmed. Tangible Word's team of 15 growth experts build Hubspot automation systems to grow your revenue and to help you scale with less chaos.


evmwang on Februar 05, 2024
Marketing Hub Marketing Calendar Usability Improvements We're introducing a handful of usability improvements to the Marketing Calendar. These updates include: A new "List view" to provide an overview of events across an Beitrag ansehen
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Stratege/Strategin | Platinum Partner
Februar 20, 2024
Wow! Great updates! Ability to do social posts on the app is a feature request that's been a long time coming! Thank you!
david_inovaxe on April 19, 2019
HubSpot in it's existing version - Sales > Meetings When a meeting link is created for the first time, it is generated as the "default" meeting link and thus, it cannot be deleted (which makes absolutely no sense). We need an o Beitrag ansehen
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Stratege/Strategin | Platinum Partner
Oktober 05, 2023
Oh man, you sound so frustrated. Can I help at all? I'm a HubSpot Solutions provider and we try to help ppl make the software fit them best. For this...Beitrag ansehen
Alysha_TW on September 14, 2023
WE've got 2 HubSpot User Group Sessions coming your way Sept 26 1 pm EST (virtual): SEO and Everything Our Agency Thought We Knew Re-Examined . And Sept 26 2pm EST (virtual): How to make your branding better than everyone else's - and more Beitrag ansehen
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TFabiano on Juni 22, 2023
Thanks so much for joining us for Improve Your Communication Using Tactical Empathy: Live with Chris Voss and for hanging out with us in the fireside chat and Q&A. We hope you enjoyed the event and walked away with actionable advice and lea Beitrag ansehen
2 Antworten
Stratege/Strategin | Platinum Partner
Juni 22, 2023
Some of the resources I mentioned in the Fireside Chat for virtual attendees this morning: An AMAZING HubSpot Academy class (FREE) your sal...Beitrag ansehen
SeanReid on September 07, 2020
I've worked very closely with Sales teams for the past 4 years, and when I bring up sequences as a tool to use, I'm sometimes greeted with " But we do outbound prospecting also, how can it help us there? " However, I would always challenge them that Beitrag ansehen
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Stratege/Strategin | Platinum Partner
November 23, 2022
For laying out your sequences, we recommend drawing it out with bubbles on a tool like Moqups. You can say what the ideal response is to an outreach ...Beitrag ansehen
romi on August 27, 2020
The styling on Playbooks makes Playbooks very hard to read and really messes with the usability of this tool. It would be great if you had more control over the fonts and font sizes, etc. But at a minimum please make the size of the fonts re Beitrag ansehen
19 Antworten
Stratege/Strategin | Platinum Partner
November 07, 2022
100% to this, most people over 40 that I have trained on Playbooks complained about font size. Increasing your browser font made the page not fit cor...Beitrag ansehen
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