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Richard Younger

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YiRui_Chua le Novembre 03, 2021
Hey team, Raising this for a customer here. It would be great if we can hide some of HubSpot's default section in the contact right sidebar within the Conversation Inbox (and possibly in contact records too) Currently, we are not able to hide or Lire la suite
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HubSpot Employee
Mars 09, 2023
I would love to see this happen as well!
Sossy le Octobre 21, 2019
We have recently added the file upload option to a Lead Capture form, but this is buried in the contact properties and is not exactly user friendly to access, especially on mobile. Is it possible to have this file automatically show as an attach Lire la suite
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HubSpot Employee
Mars 02, 2023
This would be helpful for integrations like gravity forms and type forms as well!
hroberts le Septembre 04, 2018
Add SMS text messages as a channel to the Conversations Inbox.
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HubSpot Employee
Février 10, 2023
This would be fantastic!! Sakari has a decent workaround: la suite
Karena le Mars 06, 2018
We don't always want to "hold" a contact in a workflow in order to set a date property for a number of days in the future. Sometimes we want to change a date property that's been set in the past. It'd be great if we had more workflow actions availab Lire la suite
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HubSpot Employee
Février 07, 2023
I believe this was answered by the format data option for data properties shared here: la suite
pauletterake le Avril 30, 2020
We are new to hubspot and we are setting up the system and we need to be able to setup tiered pricing on products based on the quantity ordered. This is FUNDAMENTAL to our sales process and what EVERY system I have worked in has allowed for. I hav Lire la suite
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HubSpot Employee
Janvier 19, 2023
I believe this would be of great value to update!
JOB3 le Août 26, 2021
I have come across various cases that when a customer creates a Custom Report that includes the properties "meeting description" or "notes", the report shows the HTML value for those properties instead of the actual text that was input in the app fo Lire la suite
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HubSpot Employee
Janvier 18, 2023
3 related posts on this: 1: la suite
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