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Richard Younger

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Yoshi le Mars 28, 2017
Currently, table and board is available to view task. What would be usefull is to have a gannt chart style view as attached below: This way, we can easily see the task status and keep track of sal Lire la suite
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HubSpot Employee
Janvier 22, 2024
this would be great to see for an individual ticket or deal as well; to view major milestones ina a larger sales or service process
benpmg le Février 03, 2022
The custom objects functionality in Hubspot is extremely powerful - we use it to link Contacts to custom objects (in our case linking contacts to a custom object that represents the golf club they're a member of). The automated email system UI seems Lire la suite
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HubSpot Employee
Novembre 14, 2023
this would be great for tracking things like service end dates in a custom object record and using this to drive urgency with customers 🙂
holloboles le Juin 10, 2020
I'd like the ability to set an SLA in Service Hub (and even globally) such that only hours when people are actually working are counted against it. For example, if you have a company goal of tickets being responded to within one business day, it mak Lire la suite
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HubSpot Employee
Août 05, 2023
This is currently possible with the "working hours" option on SLAs It does not acco...Lire la suite
jbolger90 le Février 03, 2022
It seems that there is no way to sort and organize line items within product libraries. Products are sorted based on import or create date within HubSpot. My company builds product libraries and folders based off a tiered pricing approach (I.E Lire la suite
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HubSpot Employee
Juillet 25, 2023
Hoping to increase visibility on this!
KNorton le Juillet 28, 2022
Is it possible when viewing a call associated with a contact to see the title of the call? Today I can only see call title from the calls list under contacts.
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HubSpot Employee
Juin 26, 2023 Idea Post for refe...Lire la suite
susanmartin2006 le Juillet 22, 2020
It seems strange that I'm able to create custom properties on Products (like notes, comment, is optional selection, serial number) but they can't be used/pulled into Quotes. I don't think any functionality will change when we sync our product librar Lire la suite
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HubSpot Employee
Juin 26, 2023
in relationship to this it would be great to be able to expand the line items table as needed rather than keep it limited to only 6 columns
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