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KPak le Janvier 11, 2021
It would be helpful for the custom reports to link the deal name property (when used) to the deal. This currently is how it works for standard reports, just not the custom ones built from scratch. This is also the same use case for tickets. Link Lire la suite
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Participant | Partenaire solutions Diamond
Mai 09, 2022
Looks like you can add the deal field called "Deal ID" to make the information link to the deal listed in your report.
mnagel le Mars 03, 2021
Salesforce allows users to add Accounts to Campaigns. It would be great if those accounts were surfaced and imported via the Salesforce importer tool in HubSpot for the purpose of only importing a portion of the account database from Salesforce. Lire la suite
kaburke le Septembre 16, 2020
I created the below as a project for one of my customers and within days, I was sharing it and changing it for multiple customers of mine so I wanted to share the non-personalized one here. This is the bare bones for setting up a simple HubSpot/Sa Lire la suite
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Participant | Partenaire solutions Diamond
Décembre 23, 2020
Great guide! It smooths out some pain points we run into quite a bit with the Salesforce/HubSpot integration. In the guide, you mention "If yo...Lire la suite
mnagel le Octobre 15, 2020
To reduce the number of forms used in a portal, we often have workflow starting criteria referencing that the contact has "Filled out any form on a specific page". If that page is replaced via a new version published from Staging, the page is no lon Lire la suite
mnagel le Octobre 02, 2020
In the below article, it states "In contact-based workflows, the triggers below can be used for re-enrollment." and then below it lists: "Any integration triggers, including Mailchimp and Zoom." However, SurveyMonkey doesn't seem to be included in Lire la suite
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jackielee le Décembre 04, 2019
I've seen this in a few instances and it was brought again to my attention how beneficial it would be to have a contact property that calculated how many days since XYZ; for example, how many days since create date, how many days since last contacte Lire la suite
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Participant | Partenaire solutions Diamond
Octobre 02, 2020
Hi @jesse_webstacks , I actually just ran into this roadblock as well and have been working on another workaround. For whatever reason, HubSpot do...Lire la suite
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